Desert Pathfinder

By Reginault on November 6th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Orange
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I designed my Norn Ranger to be a desert mountaineer. I used the Carapace chestpiece and the insect weapon set from Dry Top as a starting point, filling out the armour with some Norn cultural and Whispers pieces to stay true to the character's history. Ponytail is mandatory so my headpiece is hidden.

I appreciate the parallels and contrasts between the Shiverpeaks and the Maguuma Wastes and wanted to make a character that embodied both. Both regions are rugged, unforgiving and home to only the hardiest life. However they embody such polar extremes in climate. I imagine her story to go like this:

Averan Brighthorn enjoyed a typical Norn childhood: bundled in furs and strapped to her mother's back as their family mapped the rugged Shiverpeaks. She learned to climb before she learned to crawl, often scouting through narrow crags that her parents couldn't squeeze through. When she reached adulthood Averan strode proudly through the moot at Snowlord's Gate, sure that she was destined to be legendary. However the time between slaying Issormir XLVII and watching Zhaitan die from a cozy seat on the Glory of Tyria felt empty to her. She never truly enjoyed the copper forests of Ascalon, the rolling plains of Kryta or the stifling jungles along the coast. The encrusted ruins of Orr certainly soared above their former home on the seabed, but something about the architecture nauseated Averan. While the Shiverpeaks still entertained her, they had become too familiar to thrill or challenge her.

When Scarlet woke the jungle dragon, Averan answered the call to arms more out of boredom than any noble virtue. It was only after beating her way through the vines and stepping foot into the Maguuma Wastes that she finally felt that same thrill she had as a child. The plummeting gorges, sheer cliffs and bizarre crags captivated her more than any mountain in the Shiverpeaks ever could. Despite being such a monumental departure in climate, Averan recognized the same handholds and spots to tie her ropes to among the smooth red rock. Loose windstrewn dust was just as treacherous as snow, and the creatures who made their homes among the cliffs were just as territorial and vicious. The bizarre folds that the wind cut into the stone were a work of art in her eyes. Finally there was a place that Averan Brighthorn could call home.

Edit: Added some character select screenshots and closer zooms, first post to the site so I'm not totally familiar with the standards!


Fashion Collector
It looks good to me but could you add some screenshots with close-ups or from character selection menu?:)
2016-11-07 4:32

Elessar Taralom
Nice ambrite mix! I really miss some more screens though, like it is now I can hardly appreciate your dye work :/
You put that much effort into the description that I would love to see the same attention to detail on the screenshots!
From what I can see so far you did combine a nice array of dyes and armour pieces, so I´d like to give you a deserved gold, but the lack of screens is holding me back a little right now
2016-11-07 5:20

Elessar +1!
The armor looks great and you put such amazing effort in the description ... please dont drop the quality with the screens :S
2016-11-07 8:25

Added a bunch more screenshots; I think I had intended to do so originally and forgot. I'm not sure what is normally expected, but there's a bit of a gallery now.
2016-11-15 23:12 in reply to Elessar Taralom