Ascalonian Ghost Slayer

By Serena Rinehart on November 6th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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This is my first try at this style thing.
I wanted to make something that's is traditional looking yet with a bit of modern gothic/ghostly vibe to it, combining the vigil, primeval , halloween and gem store items to make this look, of course the weapons drive this theme with it from both traditional/magic and halloween inspired.
The smoky effect is a ghostly infusion.
Where to acquire the items:
Ghostly Infusion: Raidboss drop or TP
Vigil Armor Parts: You need to choose Vigil in your story line then purchase at headquaters from the armor vendor.
Primeval Armor Parts: Gem Store, you buy the whole set for 500 gems. (i think its seasonal not sure tho)
Shackle of madness: From candy corn merchant for 6 Candy Corn Cobs
Inventor Eyeglasses: Gems Store i think it was 500 or 300 gems.
Initiates Backpack: Not really sure in what part but i think you get this item during HoT story line.
Infinite Light = craft or TP
Jailbroken = Drop during Halloween events or TP
Royal Ascalonia Greatsword = Dungeon Merchant in LA
Hero's Shield = Hero's reward track (WvW or PvP)
Onus = Drop during Halloween events or TP


Sunglasses don't go well with the combo. The colors are also a bit bright, maybe try some more rusty looking yellows and reds to match the worn-down look of the ascalonian weapons. The boots are also out of place, very fleshy when the rest of the armor is full on metal plating. Otherwise, I do like the armor combo. Work on those screens, the current ones don't really show off the armor in good lighting. Kinda hard to see the details on the character when the camera has a wide view.
2016-11-06 22:34

Elessar Taralom
Apart from the sunglasses that barely ever look good anywhere, I do quite like your armour mix
It´s good looking and the dyes make for a flashy character that could have sprung right out of a comic or an anime
I acutally quite like the contrast with the blue greatsword!
The screens are definitely in need of improvement; if your PC/laptop can handle some higher graphic settings at least for screens it would be great to have less potato-y graphics
Plus your choice of location doesn´t do much for the look; as an Ascalonian Ghost Slayer I would expect some more screen in Ascalon
With Ghosts
Poses and camera settings (Vertical/Horizontal positon, field of view) are detrimental for cool screens, so it would be nice to play around with that a little more next time
2016-11-07 5:30

Apart from the sunglasses which I felt didn't fit the feel of this armor set, the rest were great for a first upload. Gold!
2016-11-07 8:38