The casual Engineer

By Erotic-Heretic on November 6th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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9 3
2 0
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So here is my first look, and what better start than to post my main character?

This look and character are more complicated than it should be, but I had two goals with this: making a character with some "modern" clothing, and making a character that looks like a young norn.

"But it's a human!" you think! ... Of course, it is, but the child norns actually have simply humans body. And the face is there too. There's a comparative screenshot below.

Now, for the modern part. The best thing to do that is, of course, wearing some denim. The etherblade boots fit the engineer theme as well, and the krytian jacket, while also avoiding a longcoat, help this theme too. And the necklace is perfect for the "norn" part!

I added the hook and the mask of the wanderer also give a "damaged" look. I like to think that she did the hook herself... And probably the scar too, because of the hook.

All in all, a not too serious character.


Nice take on a simple look! Love the scar for the character flavor. Cool stuff :D
2016-11-06 21:53

Absolutely love this concept!
Its amazing how she looks cute and badass at the same time. Do you know Winry from Full Metal Alchemist? She reminds me a bit of her.
The armor-comb is absolutely flawless! I love every piece here :D
The dyes round up the look perfectly!
I also like the idea of her being a young norn, very creative :D
The screen with the mortar is pretty cool!
I just love this whole mechanic theme! Gold ^^
2016-11-07 9:06

Fashion Guru
Is this a Nice from Baccano cosplay or just coincidence? Btw the screen where she's touching her eye with her hook is awesome :D
2016-11-10 21:47