Snow Scout: The Slayer of the North

By stibra22 on November 1st, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
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5 0
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I Dont know, i just made a armor look, tryed to take a few screens but my character is hard to get to focus :D

Lets just say t was a fun Photoshoot ;D


Fashion Collector
Very common combination and dyes.
She must be cold in this snowy area wearing just a skirt and skimpy top ;)
2016-11-01 19:54

Fashion Guru
The snow areas work well with the dyes you chose, but I think the screenshots can be done better.
Try to get more close-ups or better scenery for your shots, and use camera settings (field of view, horzontal/vertical position) for better screenshots!

The armor combination feels very generic, but has some interesting parts to it which (at least I) don't see used often on human characters in that combination. Yes, the single parts are fairly common, but the whole mix doesn't ring a bell on me. Definitely like the combo!

The huge amount of celestial in the dyes is what makes this feel so common. I like that you try to use some blue parts and some lighter steel parts with mithril, but they don't really come to shine the way you presented the screenshots. Either that, or there really is too much celestial. I mostly see white.

The back piece you chose isn't very fitting, but it has the blue/white scheme you use, so that's fine.

Nor sure if sunrise is the right weapon skin here, I'd try something more white/blue-ish rather than the yellow/golden sunrise.

Your description really lacks information.
Firstly, try to show us why you used what armor part or what your focus was, so we can see more clearly what you were aiming for!
Optionally, you can add a story/background to your character, or, if you are more creative do whatever comes to your mind.

Both description and screenshots can put a huge amount of excitement into the upload, keep that in mind!

Silver for now
2016-11-01 21:37

This is an absolute meta-look, so nothing we havent seen 1000 times already, sry.
All 5 screen are pretty much the same location. At least you tried to make some poses.
The title kinda leaves me wondering, what exactly makes her a snow scout? GosiPosi already said that she must be very cold with those skimpy armor-pieces.
For a meta look to achieve high votes you would have to slay at presenting it ... but your presentation is ... acceptable at best.
Sorry but i cant rate very high here.
2016-11-02 6:16

i was just having fun guys, like i could spend hours editing the screens and put a lot of work into it, but i dont have time for that, this was just for fun
2016-11-02 9:49

Fashion Guru
That's sad, but as long as I don't have time to make a decent upload I simply don't upload. Noone pressures you to upload your look now and not later, so if you really want to put work into it, you will have time at some point.
2016-11-02 10:45 in reply to stibra22

Friend of mine wanted to see my armor and dyes, so i was thinking why not just upload here, since its a good system on dyes armor pieces and such, he started to play
2 days ago xD
2016-11-03 0:05 in reply to Blackkarmy

Fashion Guru
Popular mix, but still pretty. :)
2016-11-03 8:00

I fully agree with Blackkarmy here.
Though, if you dont mind the bad votes its definitely up to you to post it with rather less effort here.
Btw, noone wants you do spend hours editing screens. Indeed you dont need to spend a single second to edit them! Just take some more, move to different locations and play with the camera a bit. Some action screens would be cool too.
Ofc you are free to crop the images or even edit them if you are motivated, but its definitely not needed to get a good rating!!!!
I also just use ingame grafics in my screens, though i do crop them sometimes.
2016-11-03 9:37

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