The Golden Flame

By RandomWolf on October 29th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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Project idea:
I decided that I'm going to upload my characters and their current looks into this site. I would like to hear out your opinion regarding them.

About the character:
Marion Strongwill was born in 1303AE, Ebonhawke. Her whole life she was taught the ways of a true ascalonian. For generations her family served the Ebon Vanguard and she just couldn't wait to follow those same footsteps. At the age of sixteen she was already training with soldiers, leading to her eventual official entry two years later.

Marion wanted to keep her people proud, especially her family. During the Searing, one of her ancestors proved to be a hero: Jess Strongwill - she had proved her mettle in combat against the charr, saving countless lives and even escaping the city with Prince Rurik alongside other refugees. She would eventually move on to Ebonhawke and start a family there. Jess is Marion's idol, and she hopes to be just like her one day. She was given one of her family's most precious heirlooms: a replica of Prince Rurik's Sohotin; a typical blade that was used by the ascalonian soldiers back in the way. The blade had been enchanted and was extremely useful in combat.

Sadly things hadn't been easy. Marion's mother had died at childbirth and the only people looking after her and her sister were her father and her uncle. She and her sister were never close, resulting in her departure when she turned 18 to the capital to join up with the Seraph. After her uncle's death during the branded attack against the fortress, Marion's father became... overprotective, fearing for his daughter. He demanded that she was not to leave the city under any circumstances.

Marion's father ended up being killed by the charr during the sieges. She was devastated and her hatred toward that race grew stronger each day. Even though she begged her captain to let her fight outside, such option was denied. Marion disobeyed her captain's orders and gathered a group of fellow soldiers and volunteers to adventure outside the city. They were going to prove the Vanguard and all of Ebonhawke's citizens just how capable they were at defending themselves. They collected trophies, defeated some branded and charr, but were cornered by a Blood Legion warband. Most of the group was slaughtered and Marion nearly lost an eye. In an act of pure rage she finished off all of the attackers and lead what was left of the group back to the city. She was punished by the Ebon, but did they appreciate her strong soul. Her life got back to normal as time passed, but her heart never stopped aching.


Wonder Woman :D
2016-10-30 0:54

Fashion Guru
I'm not a big fan of uncovered characters, especially melee ones supposed to go toe to toe with enemies. The pants are a bit too meta/common for my taste as well so I'll give you Silver.
2016-10-30 11:19