Acolyte of Glint

By danielle7000 on October 23rd, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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Head: Glint's Gaze Mask
Shoulders: Tempest's Loop
Chest: Leystone Vestments
Gloves: Chaos Gloves
Pants: Leystone Pants
Boots: Illustrious Footware
Backpiece: Ad Infinitum
Weapons: Bifrost, Howler, Incinerator
Colors: Celestial, Enameled Solitude, Sky

My poor elementalist, Shota, never got much playtime, nor did she have a look I liked until Heart of Thorns came out. Tempest was the best thing to happen to elementalist (for me, anyway), and I love the leystone armor that came out with HoT. Ad Infinitum came out after I had set up her look, and I was so happy that it worked so well with her color scheme.


Fashion Guru
You specified your armor and dyes, aswell as you told us what you used in the description. So that's good.

It looks like a little bit of effort has been put into this, but not really much.

One screenshot and no thoughts whatsoever put in the description don't really make for a good presentation, no matter the looks.

From your one screenshot I can't judge much, but what I see looks fairly nice. I wish you put some more effort into this so I could rate it fairly.
2016-11-01 15:21

Fashion Guru
I like your look, add more screenshots! :)
2016-11-03 8:44