By RandomWolf on October 20th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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3 4
1 0
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Project idea:
I decided that I'm going to upload my characters and their current looks into this site. I would like to hear out your opinion regarding them. I've also taken the liberty of editing some the screenshots to make them more appealing since my laptop isn't that great.

I'm not sure if people will like or dislike this look, but I certainly do like it. I'm proud of the results.

About the character:
Lioxu was always different from most asura. Even though she revealed interest in tech, she always preferred doing whatever task she was enlisted to do differently. As she studied Dynamics, Lioxu revealed a big interest with subjects related to Orr and kept on bragging about how one day she will discover the truth about that lost civilization. Her peers and fellow krewe members mocked her for that. After graduating, the little guardian left Rata Sum and join up with the three Orders, not fully joining them, but providing aid with the knowledge she could provide.

Once she managed to get to Orr, Lioxu faced many of the monstrosities that it offered, claiming herself to be a Dragonhunter later on by acquiring a bow; proving it to be more efficient than a hammer. She based both her weapons(GS/LB) on the Super Adventure Box's toys, applying arcane magic into them in order to create a powerful aura capable of causing a great deal of damage into her enemies alongside her magic.


I love the dark styled dyes. The main picture is also very well done. Gold!
2016-10-21 1:42

Some lovely screenshots here - I'm a huge fan of the look without the helmet actually, but it definitely works for the look you're going for. Lovely use of dark dyes without losing a sense of colour, too.
2016-10-21 4:28

Fashion Guru
2016-11-03 8:57