Golden Fightress of the Fire

By Tettora on October 18th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Decided to have a heavy look for my necro with the new shoulders . So I took armor pieces with a lot of metal parts and coverage ( pants , shoulders , boots and legs ) . Decided to match the color to the gloves and dagger : gold , red and black. But I think that the gloves don t really match to the overall , mainly because of the color , And the staff is a little off . Anything to make this a better look? ( This is my first Post , be gentle please xD : I have no experience in screenshots and poses ^^' )


Fashion Guru
The overall armor looks good, a typical black and gold scheme with some extra red.
And I agree, totally not a fan of those gloves here.
A fitting staff from colors might be Bo or the Ceremonial Staff, Lionguard Staff... maybe even the Balthazar Staff or the Crimson Antique Spire. Can't think of more (on phone so can't see in game atm). I'm not too sure on light gloves, but shouldn't the Aetherblade Gloves or the Arms of Koda be somewhat heavier?
Otherwise, if you wanna keep the fiery arms theme, look for the Light Fused Gauntlets, they do have some colorable part so maybe that might work.
Other than that, for screenshots:
Firstly, your character is mostly quite far and always on the bottom of the screen so maybe try to play around with the camera setting a bit (Things like vertical position near/far and horizontal position make a lot) and then try to find good spots where your theme or your style can shine.
For this looks if you go for a fiery theme, then definitely Ember Bay will fit and maybe even some of the Charr's fiery areas. Other than that maybe some more brighter places like Divinity's Reach (e.g. the Temple of the Six west of the Queen's Throne Room).
Your description is short but quickly describes what your thoughts were.

Overall a nice first upload!
2016-10-18 6:36

Thanks You so much XD the fused gloves and arms of Koda are so much better , the fused looks à little too 'cubic' though !
For the screenshots thanks for the tip , didn t thought of that ^^' , triés to match the background but Î still need to explore the map . Thanks for the answer :D
2016-10-18 7:00

I like where this is going, but for now i think the glasses and the gloves are just out of place.
The glasses dont make much sense for me in this theme, they just pull it towards the meta looks, which i dislike. The gloves just have this extremely unique texture which makes it almost impossible to match them with anything ... especially with these clean golden ornaments your armor-comb has.
You should throw out these two pieces imo :S
I do like the use of the flame citadel boots here tho! Its nice to see them used in a more thematic attempt rather than just for "badass" looks :D

For screenshots id recommend you to seek for more thematic locations. Fiery places or golden temples n stuff. Also you should zoom in more so we can see your armor better!
You can also play around with the camera settings to create better screenshots ... you just have to experiment with it ;D

For your first upload i think its good! But there are several aspects you can improve on!
Its a silver from me now :)
2016-10-18 9:31

Thx for the answer ^^ Î shall replace the glasses so !
2016-10-18 10:22

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