Fae of the Forest

By jesandsteven on October 14th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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~ Although the Anguana could be kind, even helpful some of the time, they were also some of the most twisted and cruel beings of the land.
Appearing as beautiful women, the Anguana, like so many others, had started to warp as the world changed. So much that they now appeared with chicken or goat feet, or a reptile or insect back, or some other flaw.
These flaws, mixed with their jealous natures, have made them extremely dangerous. In one tale they descended on a town by the light of the full moon and killed all the girls and women, everyone who was or could become beautiful. They then they burnt the town to the ground.~

\o Hi all. Personal indulgence look here. Commonly used armor combinations, with my take on it. These happen to be some of my particular favorite pieces of the game. :)
For this concept I wanted something of the fall theme with a sinister side, something to carry her to the Halloween events... a dark fairy of the forest.
I wanted the reds and golds found in fall foliage, but perhaps a fall more seen from the shadows.
Weapons concept, things she had conjured to make hers, or perhaps taken and made hers.
I hope that some of you may enjoy this look as much as I do :)


so beautiful *-* gold!
2016-10-15 3:32

Fashion Collector
I loooove your story :D and it's a really cool concept. Even if this combo is common, I think you made it really unique using all those dark muddy dyes. The story really does it for me here too. Your screens as always look splendid. This would do well for a halloween look actually. \o/
2016-10-15 5:31

Awesome color selection, it makes the armor stand out alot!
2016-10-15 12:59

Very nice autumn colours!
The armor-comb isnt too original but you make up for it with a gorgeous presentation!
Gold for you :D
2016-10-15 15:08

The dyes are perfect, they really fit with the hymenoptera :D
Also I like the screenshots.

Good job!
2016-10-15 18:25

Fashion Guru
Thanks so much all!
2016-10-16 23:28

Great dye job and selection. For some reason the color pallet reminded a bit of the standard ritualist outfit from GW1.
2016-10-17 19:14

Awesome dye selection, and even though the armor is over-used (somewhat) I like the dark fairy twist for it. Although I will have to say though, the armor combination looks a bit wonky on its own. Without the lore it kinda looks mish-mashy, but with the lore, the combination makes sense. Gold :D
2016-10-17 19:59

Fashion Guru
Beautiful! Gold!
2016-11-03 9:14