How i left the Pale Tree

By Lorbas on October 11th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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If you can't fight them, join them, then beat them!
I wanted to use bloodstone weapons against our enemy, but strangely enough, my mother didn't like my idea! How could she?! It was a GREAT idea!.. Well we got into an argument and i somehow was kicked out... To bad, but i can finally go wherever I want! Like to the Bloodstone Fen and kill some White Mantles. So we will see, if that really was a bad idea ;)

hello this is my first update/look. Its just a short, random story.. My bad :)


I Absolutely love this armor-comb!
Its a nice mix of cultural and normal armor and i havent seen anything like this before here! The chest-leg comb is just too awesome :D
Your dyes are quite nice and fit your weapon perfectly!
Some screenshots from different locations wouldve been nice, though the connection to your story is shown very well.
Very cool first upload! Definitely Gold from me :D
2016-10-11 12:01

The story is so cute! I love it!
2016-10-11 12:52

Fashion Guru
Very creative armor mixture. Black red and white tend to be a very boring combo, but you have used it very well. The presentation it short yes, but well executed.
2016-10-13 3:28

Fashion Guru
Interesting look!
2016-11-03 9:46

Thx everyone :)
2016-11-08 15:02

Now this is something different! LOVE IT - GOLD!
2016-12-14 13:27