Ember Bay Dragon Hunter

By Embassy on October 10th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
2 4
1 0
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So this the latest and greatest look that I finished after doing Ember Bay Masteries. The armor is what best fit for what I thought fit best with the new Dragonscale shoulders. And since the Dragonscale shoulders come from Ember Bay, I feel this is a Dragon Hunter searching for Primordus.

The colors are my favorite blend and suppose to have a fire/smoke type of look

No SweetFX/Reshade nonsense, just ingame screenshots


Elessar Taralom
While this armour mix might not be the most out of the box I ever saw, it works together nicely and creates a really good looking overall armour
The dye scheme is right up my alley, combining all these warm coppery tones; in combination with her golden hair it looks a lot like autumn
The screens could maybe use a little more variation and camera positioning, but I do appreciate that you made an effort to visit lots of different places that fit your colour story
Still amounts to an overall gold for me ^^
2016-10-10 13:09