Flavas Galea - Veteran Warrior of the Dead (Abandoned)

By Blackkarmy on October 6th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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Hey guys, this is my upcoming warrior look for my character Flavas Galea.
I am currently leveling him so I can't really go to locations for screens atm.
I want some help for this look until I make a decent upload with it:
- Overall dyejob suggestions, I think it's pretty nice and theme-fitting... but something is missing there :/
- Suggestions for locations (Orr I guess... but I want more than just Orr!)

Thanks for checking this out!


Fashion Guru
Why are people just voting and not actually commenting? :sadface:
2016-10-07 3:06

I really like this mix, he looks like he just came out of the grave. I would have seen him more with a dark skin and shiny eyes or something, to push that dead warrior look though, with that open helmet part it would probably look incredible!

Also in the +, great use of this shield skin!
2016-10-07 4:00

Fashion Guru
Yes, I was thinkin the same! Dark skin and maybe light red or light blue eyes to make the open helmet part stand out :D
I posted a screenshot with the eye/skin, tell em what you think!
Thanks for the comment!
2016-10-07 6:40

Elessar Taralom
I like the overall idea and I think you made creative use of particular skins like the helmet
The white eye would look amazing btw, totally creepy!
Personally I prefer the Draconic gloves, his arms look a little too "crowded" with the Primeval ones and Draconic gives a nice clawlike appearance
THe dyejob is simple and realistic; I donĀ“t feel that it lacks smth, but these kinds of dyejobs can look a little boring from time to time
On you close up I see some kind of red coming through which looks kinda cool; maybe just give his cape a dark/vibrant colour to mix things up?
Love the weapons
For screens I would suggest maybe general graveyard areas? Like the one in Salma or the Ascalon Settlement, they also have a cool fog at night
2016-10-07 7:54

Fashion Guru
Thanks for teh suggestions! I actually choose the draconic ones myself now.
The red coming from the close up is not colorable it's some kind of clipping between helmet and chest armor... really weird I saw it earlier too.
I'll try to spot some graveyards, then!
2016-10-07 9:35

Yes the dark skin and blue eye works wonder.
For a graveyard, when going out of Divinity's Reach, when you enter Queensdale, if you go through the village on the left, there is a graveyard, wait for night time...profit.
2016-10-07 12:38

Fashion Guru
-- Comment has been removed --
2016-10-07 13:34

Fashion Guru
Updated some Graveyard Screens, tell me if you like them (I'm still practicing screens)
2016-10-07 14:25

Blue Citrus
I agree with everyone about how it could use a darker skin colour and different eyes. Also maybe some mor stand out dyes but overall it's great!
2016-10-08 3:52

Nice screens buddy :P
2016-10-08 4:33