Follower of Primordus

By jesandsteven on October 4th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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~ With his breath, he twisted earth and stone, shaping creatures and giving them life.~

o/ Hi all. With the new area, and the new back piece I chose my Dragon Hunter to be befitting of a new inspired look.
The molten weapons started this look. They were chosen over the Primordus for their lighter stone like appearance that blended with the Ember Bay environment more fittingly.
The swords were chosen as a break from the Molten set, and to blend with the sharpness of the armor pieces. The hammer was chosen as another option to the lava elements.
I started the armor with the shoulders. I wanted to add fire elements without overusing the theme. The boots were chosen over the Legion, as they could be dyed to appear as lava and include the horn element of the shoulders, and the back. The legs were chosen as a personal favorite, and IMO not used often enough in female looks. Also, when the Charred dye is used on the cloth piece you get the secondary red accent. The gloves were chosen over other spiky type gloves due to the openness of the fingers. As I had chosen a more open type top. I also like to use some sort of cultural armor on my Norns. It is my thought that Ember Bay is a hot stagnant place and the top would provide my character some relief from the heat. The chainmail accent also ties in with the legs. The head was chosen the tie in the horn from the shoulders and boots, and its sharp points.I chose to keep the fire elements to the points to represent the power from the earth below and the weapons she carries. I wanted the dyes to be natural and understated.
I hope that some of you may enjoy her :D


Elessar Taralom
Love this! I am always a big fan of that helmet and everything that can be created around it
I love how spiky and evil your character looks without relying too much on all those evil edgelord meta armourpieces
All of your weapons are wonderfully chosen across different sets and due to her bulky build the huge backpiece doesn´t feel off (as it does on a lot of characters imo)
Love the simple dyescheme with these hints of orange/red here and there and your screens are just drop dead gorgeous!!
This has everything needed for a solid gold ^^
2016-10-04 3:30

Blue Citrus
I agree with Elessar completely but I think you could use some more exciting dyes as it looks a little too much like generic armour.
2016-10-04 15:23

Fashion Guru
I really like this look and as Elessar said, I love to see this helmet used. The theme fits the character (or the other way around?) and looks good overall.
The weapons and armor look beautiful together and this is actually the (first) time that I saw this backpack used without being ugly as *beep*.
The dyejob overall is nice but maybe you can let the orange blend in some more? (just a suggestion, still love it)
The screenshots are well done but I would love to see some more shots in different scenery, I only see lava and sun (which fits the theme but I just ask for some variety)
I gave a gold but maybe you can take some of my suggestions as a chance for optimizing your upload.
2016-10-04 16:09

Fashion Guru
Thanks for the kind words and the feedback :)
2016-10-12 5:24