By xmanmaciej on September 30th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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it is not needed here


Elessar Taralom
I think a description is indeed needed here
2016-09-30 16:01

Why do you assume that no description is needed?
For me this looks like some sort of anime-ninjaish style ... was that your goal? If not, i wouldve loved to read something about your thoughts in the description ...
Regardless of what you wanted to achieve, the backpiece looks extremely out of place.
To your presentation:
No colours specified ... when i look at your description i assume that was too much work?
Your screens also look like they were done in 2 minutes. 1 from character select (which is good) and then these 3 super boring pvp-lobby screens, which were simply taken from different angles ...
No action screens, no good poses, no pretty background, no camera work ... just nothing worth to look at.

Your outfit looks quite interesting, but you put literally zero effort in presentation, so im asking you: why bother uploading it then?
2016-10-01 6:39