Fuscina Wildfang, Champion of the Sun

By Aldro Vanda on September 28th, 2016
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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As a cub, Fuscina chased a miniature reef drake away from her warband in Lion's Arch, ending up in a Hylek village to the South. She earned their respect and she submerged herself in their culture, befriending Yoatli, a Hylek her age. The reef drake, which she named Iggs, became her pet. Upon reaching maturity, they were each given a special blade by the High Priestess, and sent out into Tyria.
Fuscina returned to the Citadel to rejoin her legion, but as she had been gone so long, she didn't fit in with her old warband. She then decided to join the Vigil, where she was reunited with Yoatli, who had joined as well. It wasn't long before her first orders came down from the Marshall himself: She was shipping out to the jungle with Yoatli.

Staggering away from the crash, she found her friend severely wounded near a pile of wreckage. Yoatli's last words still ring in Fuscina's mind: "Take my blade, and end that dragon."
As Fuscina reached for Yoatli's broken blade, she felt the broken shards of Yoatli's blade draw closer, and they began to orbit her wrist, forming a focus. She said a prayer over her friend's body, and disappeared into the jungle.

As soon as I saw the Dragonscale Headdress, I was instantly inspired to make an Aztec Charr. After a quick search for color palettes, I settled on teal, gold and reddish-orange. But I wanted them to stand out as highlights, so I added a dark grey to make the colors pop. Originally I was going to use Ebb with the focus, but it was too reflective and the red didn't match, so after looking how perfectly crystalline blade worked, I decided to use the broken version, having the focus look like the broken parts.

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Fashion Guru
Wow, we really don't get enough hylek-themed armor! I really like how you captured the tribal Maguuman style with the new headdress, and kept it colorful!
2016-09-30 0:42