[Pirate] Misfortune never comes singly

By Iris on September 28th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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49 4
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Capitan Luis Esteban is sad.

He has just parted with the last drops of his precious rum. He tried to make a deal with a rag tag group of circus but they refused - unless he left Madam Marisabel with them. Those scoundrels! How dare they suggest such a thing. Madam Marisabel is not just a sloth for amusement - she is his important family. And thus the captain is now devoid of rum.

He recounts the events happening in the past few days. His ship was sailing the Seas of Sorrow en route to Elonia when a huge tremor occurred in the isles nearby. The next thing he knew they were trapped in between countless number of humongous waves, his ship capsized, his crew lost, his precious smuggled spirits sank to the depth of the ocean and himself stranded to the so-called Ember Bay infested with beasts and not-so-friendly "locals".

The captain is upset.

It's hard to forage for food in this goddamned place. He's a pirate, not a hunter! The lack of alcohol makes him fidget, he starts exploring the island a bit. Two days ago, he discovered a fortress full of Jade Constructs north of the Circus camping site and came to learn the fate of the legendary Captain Grumpy. It seems clear to him that asking the help of the Jade Constructs to get back to Tyria is not so wise... Yesterday, there was a huge ruckus coming from the east. One of the circus aides came back saying they spotted several asura raising camps on the other side of the island.
"Asura eh? They're smart, ye? With their portal and stuff... OH, PORTAL!!! Maybe if I could sneak into their camp at night... HAR HAR...".

The captain feels a tiny bit of hope. Little did he know...


Hey guys and gals, first thing first, apologize for the simple presentation this time. I'm quite busy these days and still have many outfits on my backlog that I haven't got the chance to set up more detailed photo shoots with. I'm really fond of the recent release of pirate-related items. They are fun! Since there have not been many pirate-inspired light-armor look around (yet), I'll be the shameless person to post this easy-peasy outfit combo. Hope you enjoy!


I just created an account to give you a gold rating, amazing!!
2016-09-28 5:56

Elessar Taralom
Totally solid pirate look!
I love that you attempted the theme on light armour rather than medium
The colour palette is superb and probably my favourite thing about the whole look as the slightly greenish Walnut dye just looks so natural and weathered
It´s great to see how your entire character is dedicated to the theme with his Sanchez moustache and the darker skin and even the hair under the hat fits perfectly!
The weapons you chose are simply SPOT ON! Especially the shield is so fitting and tells his story so well, it all comes together to make the perfect look
Plus your presentation simply is flawless with great screens and a well written story
His name is Esteban
Gold ^^
2016-09-28 5:58

Fashion Guru
Thank you Lepasconnu, you made my day. Bonne journée!
2016-09-28 7:18 in reply to Lepasconnu

Fashion Guru
As always, it becomes my pleasure to read your detailed comments. I admit I have fondly put devices into this look here and there and eagerly anticipated how you would incisively pick them out. Thank you, your enjoyment is my great reward.
2016-09-28 7:22 in reply to Elessar Taralom

My pleasure, highly deserved, I mean, you made the pornstach look good, that is quite an achievement ahah!
If he ever decides to sail to Cantha, I have some coins waiting for him.
2016-09-28 8:13

Perfect pirate look!
The armor-comb is spot on and the dyes are nice and natural! Even without his hat, he looks amazing! Great hairstyle to go with :D
The weapons are a perfect fit and you topped it off with some nice screens and description!!!
Solid Gold! ... Hey where is it? Filthy pirate stole it already è_é
2016-09-28 8:32

your style never disappoints and always worth the wait. Gold!
2016-09-28 11:19

Fashion Collector
Um yeah 100% nailed it if anyone it looking for light armor pirate looks this would be the one to go to. I could write an essay about how much I love this look but I'm tired so how about you just have a gold and I'll call it a day.
2016-09-28 13:42

Fashion Collector
Classic but nice
2016-09-28 18:11

Fashion Guru
Your dye work is great, super natural looking. Nice weapon choices, great screens, gold.
2016-09-29 0:33

Bianca Zauberkind
awesome pirate look and i like the choice of weapons :)
gold from me
2016-09-29 6:20

Pinx The Sweet
so pretty arrrrrr
2016-09-29 15:27

Zona Obsidia
simply amazing. thumbs up for this well harmonized character :)
2016-09-30 12:00

I don't usually like overly thematic characters, but this one is just so spot on! The armor looks perfect together.
2016-10-02 8:55

omg this is awesome. just perfect. this is THE pirate look!
2016-10-03 12:03

Fashion Collector
This is a fantastic job of putting together a light pirate look.

The shoulders bring the privateer coat feel, but the MVPs in this look are the top and leggings. The lines of the coat tail on the legs mesh beautifully with the top, which hangs open and successfully conveys the cavalier attitude of a pirate. The bandana hairstyle and hat sell it further. The hook and peg leg definitely reinforce the look, though I frankly think they aren't necessary to carry the aesthetic.

The color choice is great, very well grounded, no clashing or washing out. My only criticism is that the white on the leggings is slightly brighter than the top, which isn't bad on the side of the pants but does make the vest and the cloth beneath the belt look divorced.
2016-10-18 11:31

Fashion Guru
Thanks everyone for the cheer. I definitely had fun building this look. I hope it puts a smile on you too!
2016-11-04 13:07

Fashion Guru
Whoa, thank you so much for the detailed review. You hit it on the nail pretty much everything on my thought process.

I love the peg leg although I agree that using both the peg leg and the hook may be quite redundant. However, I have not found myself satisfied with other alternatives. The decoration of the hook fits more with his pompous and glamorous image. I used colors similar to damascene - a typical "cheap" metal decoration native to Spain and its colonies - to suggest his heritage as well.

As for the white shirt on the pant, it occurred to me sometimes ago. I found it jarring under certain blue tint lights so I swapped the color out but have not updated the images here yet. Now that I do, I hope it looks better.
2016-11-04 13:19 in reply to Yumeijin

Almost perfect representation of the classic pirate!
2017-01-13 9:46

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Damn! i haven't seen this one yet. i like that u made this on a mesmer! so unique. the color matching is extremely well here. very fitting. the screens locations are very well thought of as well. i like it alot:) gold
2017-03-18 12:09

I like this look, everything fits so well. Gold! :P
2017-04-25 18:24

Awesome! I have a pirate character but he is a revenant. Been wanting the pirate hook and pegleg to finish the look off... Gold for this one too.
2018-05-22 12:20

Fashion Collector
i can see my pirate and yours have a drink together :D
2019-01-07 18:56