The Jagged Pirate

By Potman on September 26th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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Rhomal was born during the Cycle of Night. He left his pod fully aware of his surroundings and he didn't bother to stay in the Grove for long. The Dream as they called it, had been a very strange experience for this particiular sylvari. He had a vision, A dream during the dream, a call... A call for adventure.
Rhomal was never much of a talker. He traveled alone with nothing but a walking branch to support his weak limbs, and the teachings of Ventari in his mind.

As he met the other races he got recognized by the Norn. The Shamans of the Spirits could sense Raven flowing through Rhomals veins. They saw that he was wise... Sadly, he never used that potential.
Instead, Rohmal got in contact with the pirates of Tyria, who found his thrill for adventures amusing.
And it did not take long untill Rhomal was one of the most feared pirate captains in Tyria. Him and his crew who went by the name of Rhomalians, plundered their way from Maguuma to Ascalon, and their terror seemed to never end.

Until one day. Rhomal got shot in the leg during a crusade in Orr, and his oh so loyal crewe left him to bleed to death while they hoarded the booty for their own.
But Rhomal never died. Instead, he found himself in the Mists, where time stood still, and legends from folktales were there, in front of his eyes.
A dragon approaced him and said:

"Rhomal! Second born of the Sylvari, sworn to serve your master Mordremoth, and live by the teachings of Ventari. You have been missguided and I am here to lead you on to the right path. I will grant you my wisdom, and I give my trust in that you will use it well"

He woke up in the Omphalos Chamber with the Avatar of the Tree looking down at him.
-"Mother.." he moaned, and felt a sharp pain in his leg. He looked down and saw it replaced with a stump.

-"I have followed your journey young one, I have seen what you have done, but I am also willing to grant you my forgiveness if you promise to stop living the life of a murderer."
-"Take this egg, it was given to me by the Norn, and I believe only you would know what to do with it."

She handed him a small egg, and Rhomal set of for his greatest journey yet. To raise the raven, a living being, with care, and to honor Glint and her spirit.


Ok lol this got out of hand... I have never been a lore enthustiast, so I personally don't know much about the acctual lore, I just kept writing this story without really knowing where to go :P

Anyway, I have a look here that some may hate of course, since I am using Nightfury which doesn't fit the theme at all, and since my screens are quite low quality. I just want to post it here so that I can look back and see if I'll ever improve on this sort of thing.
Also, almost totally unrelated screens from Ember Bay, but I couln't resist that sunset.


Amazing work my dude nice job on mixing random armors like that. It all was put together so nicely.
2018-01-13 7:29