Envoy of Magic

By NanaItalia on September 23rd, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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34 8
2 0
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Magic. I can feel it. It's everywhere and like a moth to the light I am drawn to it. For decades the magic in Tyria was quiet, evenly split and contained by strong vessels. But now things started to change. The balance is broken. Magic is floating in the air. I can feel it burning on my skin, making it hard to breath at times. I must restore balance over the magic, for I am an Envoy of magic, a guardian of the world, made to keep watch over the magic in this world. And now, with so much magic being released, great chaos might lie ahead. But my time to act has not yet come. The races of Tyria are doing their best to keep the magic at bay and only if they fail, it is on my to take action.

Hey guys :)
First of all, I kinda feel pretty meta with this chest and leggings, but everything else just didn't work for me (most things made a wired silhouette). I always liked the envoy artworks from GW1 and wanted to create a look with these in mind. It didn't really find armor pieces, that would fit the theme perfectly, but I think I managed to make something, that looks overall magical with the back piece.
I had a lot of fun making screens in Ember Bay the lighting is just awesome. Also I noticed, my main screens look a lot like the one of Elessars last look, but well, necro gs 2 screens just look so awesome :)

Shouders: Dragonscale Epaulets (Patina, Deep Glacial Sky, Gold Fusion, Enameled Emblaze)
Backpiece: Mursaat Wing Backpack
Staff: Emissary's Staff
Greatsword: Mistwild Greatsword

Well, yeah, pretty meta, but I hope you like it^^'


Elessar Taralom
WOW, I am blown away by this look!
For real, the top and leg piece are some of the most meta pieces out there and you managed to elevate them so so much by with the gloves and shoulders, it looks incredibly good
I love the dyes on the legs in particular and the backpiece is a great addition to make this look even more powerful and mystical
The screens are stunning and I am overall just blown away by how unique this look is even though it uses some of the more common pieces
Big fat gold for you, I wish I could give more!
2016-09-23 18:43

First Style Supporter
You need to check out thus recent build! http://gw2style.com/look.php?id=12233&set=recent
Your initial screens look very similar, despite a number of differences. You've got a nice look going, Keep up the good work,
2016-09-23 19:45

Elessar didn't even mention that in their comment. :P Seriously, everyone just loves the Ember Bay lens flare. Leave it at that!
2016-09-23 21:25 in reply to ratfeast

looks really nice although you used some common armor pieces! the dyes make this look really different and interesting :)
the mursaat wings creep me out a bit because they look like spider legs and i hate spiders with a passion xD but they fit!
also the screens are really nice, i can already see myself also taking screens in ember bay xD
gold :)
2016-09-24 8:04

Yes it might be quite meta-ish, but its beautiful nonetheless!!!
I always had a crush on the t3 legs, i just love that skin! And as meta as the armor-comb is, your colour-scheme is very unique and pretty, totally pulling this out out of the usual meta stuff imo!
The staff skin is absolutely gorgeous and its cool to see a nice look around it :D
On top of that, your screens are pretty as always! I love the light-effect on the new map, when you look into the sun. And your main-screen is insanely cool :D
No Medal ofc ;)
Joke ^^
2016-09-24 9:01

Your screens made me stop breathing. WOW. GOLD!
2016-09-25 11:50

Fashion Guru
I love the use of the blue, these dyes work so well together. And the use of the gloves is brilliant. Gold.
2016-09-29 0:24

Fashion Guru
amazing dyejob!

I do not understand why ppl say some pieces of armor are meta.. for me meta is when u run exactly what everyone is running and even then if u like it why not, already a stunning dyejob can make a "meta"outfit diffrent from all the others :)

I don't think ur chest/leg choise is meta coz then we would have like 10 metas at least for every armorclass ^^'

anyway gold from me :)
2016-10-05 4:52

Absolutely love it
2016-10-10 14:05

The Best Reaper Style *_*
2017-07-21 16:41

Wow! Amazing. And those colors, just gorgeous.
2017-11-09 16:25

thank you :)
2017-11-09 17:40 in reply to darthpeanut