Hanasha - The Naga Priestess

By Elessar Taralom on September 21st, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
64 3
6 0
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Hanasha Coralfin was a Naga priestess who helped the Naga survive Shiro's death wail. The priestess used what power she had left to revive those survivors she could find, who then brought more survivors to her, until a united Naga tribe of barely 40 individuals gathered. Under her guidance, the Naga abandoned their ancient moral codes and began to propagate freely and often, so that someday they might make the humans pay for what they had done.
Tired of Cantha, seeing her bretheren slaughthered year after year, this powerful priestess decided to take the destiny of her tribe into her hand once more and headed for far away lands. Stranded on the coast of some far away land where the mountains spew fire and the ground crumbled and rumbled under her, she found some corners of the island that were actually uninhabitated. After hundreds of years she could feel it again, the ocean calling to her and she decided that yes, this little bay might be just right for her tribe.
A new start far away from Cantha and the vast deserts she had to cross to get here. If there only weren´t all those pesky explorers around; but she could get rid of them, for the element of surprise was on her site, Hanasha was sure of that...

Hey guys,
I immediately fell in love with the Dragonscale armour parts that came with the last patch and I just knew I had to create a look around this very unique armour!
I had to think back to the Naga from Guild Wars 1, a mystical beast that I always quite liked, because snakes are cool and I wanted to make something out of that idea.
Keeping in mind that they originally came from the sea I tried to incorporate this into the design, primarily with the Tribal leggings, as well as their Canthan origin, hence the Asian influence on the armour!
With the dyes I felt a little inspired by nomad looks, a little colorful, but not too over the top ^^
I am really a huge fan of this look as the new armour pieces allowed me to do smth really stylised and out of the box. Hopefully you can appreciate the look for its theme and not just rate it by how "pretty" it is
Please enjoy ^^

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You used the thing! :P Have a gold!
2016-09-21 14:38

I thought that new headpiece was kinda ugly, but in this look it´s simply awesome
also love the nod to gw1, gold!
2016-09-21 14:41

Fashion Guru
i'm totally in love with this look and her colours! she so ethnic!
ofc, you screens are always amazing. she fits really well with the new map. i tought about the new camera blur when you look at the sun too! its really cool :D indeed your first screen its simply amazing!
another excellent job, another gold for you ;D
2016-09-21 14:53

Elessar Taralom
Thank you so much! ^^
Yesss, the sun in Ember Bay is simply epic, I wish I could abuse it for every future upload xD
2016-09-21 15:03 in reply to Bremy

Side note: you have 2 bronzes already, and I have a feeling at least one is from Billy...
2016-09-21 16:16

Elessar Taralom
And the other one is from his fake secondary account I bet :P
But yeah, I learnt to take it as jealousy and appreciate the fair voters instead ^^
2016-09-21 16:19 in reply to KestrelGirl

Fashion Collector
LOL the new map has not been out for maybe a day and you already have the headress and shoulders, man, you are really grindtown city over here. Anyways solid look, I love the use of dyes and how you made her lips have a greenish blue tone to them, it accents well with the dye job. Nicely done, get a gold.
2016-09-21 17:54

Elessar Taralom
The achievements weren´t too hard actually and if I see cool new skins my ambition kicks in :P
Thank you for the comment! ^^
2016-09-21 17:55 in reply to Twigz

Fashion Collector
Yes, well with those two skins you shown too me that you are quite turbulent indeed. :^)
2016-09-21 18:04 in reply to Elessar Taralom

I saw the main image in reddit and I didn't see from what subreddit it was and I tought it was from any other game, I didin't recognice that flare effect and those new helmet and shoulders.

I really like the idea you got, it fits very well being a brown thin sylvari.
The weapons are just perfect. The screenshots aswell :)

Good job!!
2016-09-21 20:04

First Style Supporter
I love the feathers in the intro screen, She is positively tribal. The dragon scale gauntlets are a little too busy for me, but the overall effect is great!
2016-09-22 0:38

Lovely use of the new armors :D
2016-09-22 1:18

i wasn't on the new map yet so i was a bit surprised about those new armour pieces^^
but they look really cool, especially with the pants and the weapons!
the main picture looks soo nice with the reaper's feathers^^
2016-09-22 8:27

Elessar Taralom
Thank you! ^^ The Greatsword 2 skill on Necro just has the most beautiful poses
That´s my secret weapon, the element of surprise :P
2016-09-22 8:52 in reply to Chro

I really like that you used the new armor pieces. The way you used them combined with the colour palette in the outfit makes it all look like it's an original set tbh
2016-09-22 16:37

And again I'm in love with one of your looks :)
It's awesome, what you've done with the headpiece. I fell in love with the new soulders instantly, but I couldn't see the potantial of the headpiece till I've seen your look (the headpiece kinda looked pretty ugly in the preview window xD).
The combination of armor you made is just beautiful. You made an excelent tribal theme and the colors make it stand out and look very exciting. Also the different weapons fit the theme so well.
Your screens are awesome. It's great that you took them in so many locations and the poses are great.
Finally you description and story are so well done.
Gold, gold, GOLD!
2016-09-23 5:42

Elessar Taralom
Thank you so much for this detailed comment, really appreciated!
The headpiece is really a little "special" so I can understand everyone who didn´t immediately want to use it ^^
2016-09-23 8:48 in reply to NanaItalia

Bianca Zauberkind
Just perfect :)
i love the choice of weapons, dyes and armor pieces (haven't known that there's a new shoulder and helmet skin, until i saw your upload ^^""")
Easy Gold !
2016-09-23 15:42

Fashion Guru
A gold look as always. However the the top and the bottoms don't mesh well IMO. The legs are very rustic and the top is more ornate in style. I would have gone with a more rustic type top and tied your metal elements into the feet.
2016-09-29 0:45

This whole look is amazing. I love how you drew inspiration from gw1 and the delivery on naga-esque costume is on point.
2016-10-11 11:27

Fashion Collector
Gold gold gold
Some people might have voted bronze accidentally like I did
when the sliders first came out, sorry to whoever I did that to :(
2017-02-01 15:08

Fashion Guru
This is fantastic! I can totally imagine this being some kind of character in a film or something xD She really feels like she's got personality, great job.
2017-02-02 7:17

the mask is kind of ugly, but here it looks gorgeous!!! you really are an artist mate
2017-05-15 10:27

Hetto Koala
Just... wow... i felt in love with your character.
2017-09-28 15:45

Yep, love that headpiece! And I love the colors, I like when theres a bit of pop, since i think sometimes it can be hard to do without making an outfit look.. mm, cheesy? or just costumy I guess. Really well done.
2018-03-26 13:12