Pennsy the Moa "Trainer"

By hoernchen on September 18th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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Hi i´m Pennsy, i´m a Moa Trainer. My Moas are Pinky and Brain, yes Brain is the small one. Don´t tell him i called him small, he doesn´t like it. We are on the way to explore the continent and find some awesome treasures! You maybe heard of my cousin 3th grade Vikki. She is out there to save here Moa Momo. The day she set out to here adventure i wasn´t around, i could say good bye. Now i´m on my own adventure and maybe i can meet with her and i hope that Momo is fine....

Hey Guys, i got the idea from the Gw2 story Vikki and Momo from the offical website.
I really like the Asura Ranger / Moa Combination, hope you like the little story. I really didn´t do anything besides roaming around and killing some bandits and other enemys with this charakter. 5% world comp ^^ So the story will come true, i roam around and see what happens. i will update the imgur collection when i reach some intresting places.

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Looks very natural like a real set. I was expecting when i read Moa (>.
2016-09-19 17:46