Royal Emissary Explorer

By Sidisen on September 17th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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2 5
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With deep connections within the Durmand Priory, our Royal Emissary Explorer provides the Krytan court with information and research.

I wanted the brown part of the outfit to look more like leather, and match it with the backpack. To be fair I wanted the whole outfit it match the backpack :p


Elessar Taralom
I really like the general idea here of doing a look around the backpiece and making smth a bit more grounded and realistic
And when it comes to the top and leg pieces I think you did very well! But the Sorcerer pieces really feel out of place here for me; they are too shiny and bedazzled to really go with your wanderer outfit
Some simple gloves and sturdy boots would really complete this outfit much better and help to make it a rounded look
With other pieces you might also find a way to incorporate that nice green hue of the hat somewhere!
I do like the overall dye job of your look as it fits with the cloth from the backbag; here again I find the purple stones a little out of place, but yeah, I´d switch those parts anyways
Also not really a fan of the glasses, they don´t really add anything to this look
I like the screens you already provided us with, especially the two left ones, you could even add some more to boost your presentation a little
The staff is also spot on!
Like the overall idea here, but it could need some polishing to make it truly goldworthy ^^
2016-09-17 18:58