Skyy needs Help :O

By Skyy223 on September 15th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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i really don't know if i should get "the predator" as next legendary or upgrade my twilight to "eternity or sunrise". What would you think mixes best with my current armor? :)

I am playing GS/Rifle only


Heya! I would go for Sunrise for sure, if I were you! It would fit the colourscheme so much better than Twilight does. I like how the blue of her hair comes back in the wings, and Sunrise has a lot of gold, blue and pink aswel. Imo it would be the obvious choice here ;)
2016-09-15 13:38

Thats why im still not sure :D I just cant stand my Fractal Rifle Skin anymore :D and the pew pew sounds are too good.... the color of predator is also kinda shiny... it doesnt match 2 badly...i add both weapons from the garderobe :)
2016-09-15 14:26

Then go for a rifle, like after time you can change twilight. I think it will be better if you have two different legendary than one, like, it's same greatsword only different skin.
2016-09-15 20:42