The Widow´s Kiss

By Elessar Taralom on September 13th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
35 10
4 0
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A last twitch goes through your body as you give up on struggling against the web. From the corner of your eye you can sense some movement. That must be it, the beast that lured you into this trap. You expect to see a lot of eyes and legs, a gigantic spider like the ones brave adventurerers encounter in Twilight Arbour or the Harathi Hinterlands, but what you see does look more like yourself than an eight-legged monster. In fact what now slowly creeps towards you seems to be a Sylvari! Sure, her eyes seem blank and soulless and her mouth bares terrifying teeth, but her figure is humanlike and she walks upright. Desperate to get help you struggle again, shouting to her to help you; after all, she can´t possibly work with the spiders, can she?
As she steps right in front of you, you aren´t that sure anymore. The way she looks at you, seizes you up....Something about her looks very hungry. She leans forward and brushes your cheek very gently with clawlike fingers. A shudder goes through your whole body.
"You are quite a good catch, my children are hungry", she coons lovingly. Behind her the shadows seems to move and a hard clicking noise seems to get louder. Your heart pounds faster and faster while you see the female Sylvari raise a dagger above her head, but seeing the two giant spiders that crawl towards you, you are happy that in the next moment, everything goes dark.

Hey guys,
I hope my new look doesn´t creep you out too much. With autumn approaching my favourite holliday is nearing: Halloween! So I decided to be a little early and create a spooky spider outfit for you! I made a Condition Druid for raids recently and this shortbow was the coolest in my opinion, so I created a look around it!
The pieces and colours I chose are to resemble a spider as closely as possible. The creepy factor through the eyes and mask is obvious I´d say.
I also liked how the top looks a little like a spider´s butt and gives her just the right silhouette.
For the dyes I tried to match the shortbow as closely as possible, otherwise I might have stayed with more of a Black Widow theme and go black/red.
I liked how this particular hair looks like a fascinator and my association with it was widow -> funeral -> fascinator.
The screens gave me the creeps myself, because I suffer from arachnophobia quite a bit, so I hope you still like the close ups xD
The whole outfit goes pretty well with a condition character to me, so I hope you are already in the Halloween spirit and like my spider queen! ^^
I would really appreciate some feedback

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this definitely gives me the spooks, really cool look
2016-09-13 9:05

The dyes fit perfectly with the longbow, and I really love that face-mask-hair mix, she looks very scary in the 8th extra screenshot :P
By the way, nice screenshots and idea.
Good job!
2016-09-13 9:52

Fashion Guru
Absolutely love love this look, have a gold!
2016-09-13 11:41

Fashion Guru
Really amazing look! You brought some new life to old skins and made a really cool Halloween look!
She reminds me of the NPCs in TA, the one with the spiders in the egg room
I don´t think I saw a look around this bow yet and I like how every single piece fits with that topic! From the spiky legs to the chitin like fingers to the spider butt....
And the story gave me the creeps!
Gold for sure ^^
2016-09-13 12:35 in reply to Billy

beautiful and so creative!
your screens are simply amazing and the head area of your toon is intriguing, nice job
2016-09-13 12:36

the only creative thing here is the mask, otherwise it looks like all the mass sylvari looks you see everyday
2016-09-13 13:23

Fashion Guru
Now to the look! I in fact have to disagree with anyone that this is nothing more than a typical Sylvari look that we already have seen over and over again because we didn't Just looking at the other uploads with the same chestpiece (mine included) I can assure everyone that this is a rather rare piece of cultural armour that other Stylists have used plus I really love how you pointed out that the leaves on the back are looking like the back- end of a Spider! It's a very smart thought and usage of this piece and in combination with the pants, the Zodiac boots and all the other armour pieces it looks quite unique and reminds me quite a lot of a dangerous spidery creature. The mask in combination with the creepy looking eyes was a great choice and creeped me out for a second there :D
I really love how you managed to represent the shortbow with every single piece here, especially the dyes are so spot on and I am glad that you used such a piercing colour like this orange tone instead of going full black and red Black Widow- theme. It gives her a more interesting vibe.
Your screens are again so spot on and I really love every single one of them though I hate spiders with a passion xD But i am willing to make an exception for her :P
So all in all in my oppinion you did a wonderful job and you combined some pieces so well together and even thought through her hairstyle and everything around this look and theme and I don't understand how anyone would ever say that it's boring, plain or simply not pretty because it really is but everyone has a different kind of taste and rating system I guess ^^ From me you are getting a fair and lovely gold and don't bother about the troll votes and all those cowards who are not even able to tell why they decided to give your character such an unfair vote- she is beautiful and amazing! *insert all the hearts* x3
2016-09-13 15:46 in reply to Billy

as for look i r8 this a silver and will just put this link to remnd u how awesome look u made before :P
2016-09-13 17:34

shoulda sticked to the 1st one then :P
2016-09-13 17:40

Elessar Taralom
nah, I am personally super happy with this look, even if the site doesn´t agree
2016-09-13 17:41 in reply to symmetries

Fashion Guru
This look is awesome! Gold!
2016-09-14 5:52

Bianca Zauberkind
I love the idea of this look and how well everything fits and i like how you created a look around the short bow.
Your presentation is just flawless and i'm in love with your screens! Really a great upload and a gold from me :)
2016-09-14 9:15

Fashion Guru
Awesome concept and incorporation of the bow. I love the combo of the mask and the leggings. As always I love your Sylvari. Gold.
2016-09-14 16:09

Fashion Collector
This look maybe doesn't have the most original of armor mixes(the slyavir cultural armor) but the theme is really unique and you nailed it every bit. The time and effort you must have put into those screens alone is deserving of this Gold vote! As you often say , presentation is key !
2016-09-14 21:07

Absolutely amazing look imo!
Everything is awesome! The screens, the armor-comb, the dye-scheme, its a very cool style!
I love the rather minimalistic colour-scheme! It works so well for the bow!!!
Also, i LOVE this hairstyle! Its so cool to see it incorporated in a great look like this!
The screens are top quality as always ;D
... Bronze ^^
*raises sarcasm-shield*
2016-09-16 12:22

cool concept and dye choices :D
2016-09-19 15:20

Fashion Guru
I am always delighted by your creative Sylvaris. This may perhaps be my new fave.
2016-09-29 0:47

You should go back to this look and use the Gargoyle weapons! I feel like some of them would look fantastic given the fact that they've got cobwebs and stuff.
2016-10-25 0:33

Fashion Collector
Really eye catching! I think the spiderweb screens are some of the best I have ever seen, and I am really inspired by the overall look. Gold!
2017-02-01 15:00

this would be a dope halloween look
2017-05-15 10:28