Choosing fate

By Fylah on September 12th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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5 1
4 0
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"Fight bravely, young warrior. Become the hero you are meant to be. Show courage and lead the way in the most arduous of battles. If again we meet, the way to Valhalla will be clear. Until then, stand fast..."

Character name: Sati of Tyria
Valkyrie norn girl with an attitude. She'll come for you if you're worthy, and honestly, who wouldn't want that? I might add some more screenies later :) Hope you like it ^^


Elessar Taralom
The overall vibe that this character gives off is really cool! She really feels like a character and the hairstyle, shoulders and wings really come together to creat a nice look!
I am a little bothered that you used top and leggings from the same set, but I do also understand that it isn´t easy to combine the Grasping Dead armour
The dyes are spot on, the grey in combination with the brown looks like a convincing real armour!
The screens you provided are already quite high in quality, so I´d love to see some more in future uploads!
Overall a great concept with some minor flaws (btw I like her better without the blindfold since she has such a strong face ^^)
2016-09-12 17:22

Thanks Elessar! I agree with you on the armor being from the same set, but I really liked how well the bottoms went with the wings, but couldn't find a decent, fitting top to go with it. I've been redoing these characters for a friend, and since my friend's a dude, I figured I couldn't leave him with just a bunch of pretty, flowery females. A lot of badass was added in the mix here, and I love how she's turned out. The browns were a b*tch to match up, since they show differently on most of the armorpieces. I personally like the face without the blindfold better, but it doesn't really detract from her look, so I left it. Glad you like her too! ^^
2016-09-15 13:35 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Nice style!
I love especially the colour-scheme that you matched with the wings!
Using both big arah pieces is not too much of a downside for me. You made up for it with the great shoulders and the very fitting blindfold! Its very cool how the blindfold continues this "tape" concept of the arah set!
What looks off to me though, are the gloves and the boots. They look way too heavy for such a light valkyrie theme imo.
I could imagine the flame citadel boots to look like harpy claws in this comb, but its a very thematic armor-piece then.
Your screens are very good! The only bad thing i can say about them is, that there are too few xD
Overall definitely a nice upload! Even though i dislike the gloves and boots, i want to give you a Gold for the overall impression :)
2016-09-16 12:47