Mr Heroic Charcoal

By Eremite on September 6th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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2 3
1 0
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"Goooood Morning Mr Heroic Charcoal!", the children greeted, as he stepped out of his home unto the streets, cringing at the greeting. His parents had given him a terrible name...

"Look dear!", the giant before him exclaimed with adoring eyes, "our very own baby! Isn't he cute?". An even larger face squeezed and hustled into his vision, with a grin as wide as a saucer, "ohhhh, look what we have here? A hero!". The first giant reached over with a large paw and smacked the second giant on the head, "you and your hero dreams! Don't you ever dare put those thoughts in my dear little baby!". "But look at him! He is the definition of a hero. We shall call him Hero the Mighty!". "No we won't! He has such a fine glossy shade of dark chocolate skin. He is going to be a hot young asura when he grows up and will be the dream of every girl. Lets call him Charcoal the hottie!". "Hero!". "Charcoal!". "Hero!"...and the squabbling continued as the baby stared up with uncomprehending eyes...

The asura stood outside a red bricked house. a signage nailed to the door read, "Name Change Registrar". "I am finally of age to decide my own name," he he took off his sunglasses and wiped away a manly tear...


Hi all! Thought of making a 'cool' looking asura and this is my design. Hope you like it!
Feel free to leave comments on what you think he should change his name to =p

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Do you use ReShade? If so, can you share your settings?
If not, how the heck do you get the game to look that pretty?!
2016-09-07 11:12

i just chose the option for the game to auto detect my best appearance setting XD
2016-09-08 8:43 in reply to Rubedo