By Natanya on September 4th, 2016
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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4 8
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I spent a long time in the wardrobe to try and make a suitable Mesmer look, and here is the end result. Charr have always been a challenge for me to style right, especially with light armor. But I guess if the Charr had nobility that this could be suitable attire.

Future changes may include getting the Glorious Boots to match the gloves (if I ever do PvP again), and use a different dye colour to Abyss.


Elessar Taralom
Really really cool armour mix and dyes! Especially in combination with the ginger fur, the Deep Glacial Sky works really well and I like the muted gold tone you chose!
You managed to find some mostly non-clipping pieces (which is hard enough on Charr as it is...) and she certainly has a Mesmer vibe
The screens you did provide are really nice, which leaves me wishing you´d given us a few more!
I don´t know why, but her head feels a little big for me, did you significantly change the Head Size slider? Maybe I am misjudging, but it feels a little out of proportion to me
Anyways, with a few more screens and maybe a little more description this could definitely become a gold look for me!
2016-09-04 6:55