The Stag Shaman

By Elessar Taralom on August 30th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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4 0
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Speaking with the spirits and connecting to nature often feels like a very mystical habit, but Ragna always liked to meet all obstacles head on. While she is very sensible to the spirits, she is also a great warrior and couldn´t really let go of her greatsword after she trained so long with it. For years she ran away from the responsibilities she might inherit as a shaman and decided to brawl and fight instead.
But recently the call of the wild got stronger in her heart. When she looked upon the trees and mountains she could feel her heart being pulled towards nature, away from the hearty fires and the friendly brawls. Wearing her battle armour she set out to live in the wilds for a while, accostuming herself with the spirits and finding a way to maybe be the kind of shaman she herself would like to be: strong, willfull and passionate.
Infusing her weapons with the powers of spirits was her very first step, but when she returned to Hoelbrak years later, Ragna really was a fully fledged shaman with an understanding for nature and martial arts alike. While she had a hard time to choose a totem animal, she finally settled on the stag, feeling that binding herself to one of the bigger spirits would not feel true to her deviant nature.

Hey guys,
I wanted to present you my Necromancer´s most recent look! I always liked the Stag Helmet and when it came on sale last week I decided to finally buy it and create a look around it!
I saw some really cool heavy looking light armour lately and I also wanted to give it a try. Shaman looks are hard to make original anymore, so I hope my little twist on the theme helps to make it more original! Personally I really love her silhouette, she looks bulky and strong and still has the shamanic elements I wanted to see.
With the dyes I wanted to stay natural to accomondate the overall look, but I dislike going all brown/grey, so I put in some muted blues to fit the greatsword and the dagger.
Screening Norn is always fun as I simply adore the Shiverpeaks, it´s my favourite region in the whole game and simply hanging around there makes me appreciate Guild Wars ten times more! She might be somewhat of a companion piece to this look:; I find it kinda funny that my necro looks more plated than my guard :P

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Fashion Guru
This is such an amazing look!
I am truely in love with this "heavy" look on a light armour but what I like the most is the unique way of creating a shaman look without refering to the most obvious and common skins like the Primitive ones!
The shoulders are my favourite here along with the headpiece which was such a smart way to incorperate it with your theme I think I've never seen anyone using it in such a way and it gives her a very nice nornish appearance. I am pretty sure that she could easily be one of the npcs in Hoelbrak.
The dye job is just spot on, I really like these natural earth- toned colours you used! The weapons are a very good choice, as well. I like how you managed to mix some mystical weapons with nature- like ones like the staff!
Your screens are as always simply amazing, she looks so beautiful and badass in every single one of them x3
Such an unique and great look deserves a bunch of Gold!!!
2016-08-30 9:51

Fashion Guru
The chest area seem a bit bright, compared to the darker colors surrounding it. It seem a bit strange to me.
Not sure what to say about Howler, it looks a bit too shiny compared to the rest, especially in the screenshot with the deer.
Else this is another solid upload from you. Always love when light armor looks like medium or heavy.
The shamanistic style you managed to make with this armor combo is very original, and nothing i can remember ever seeing anything like :)
Your screenshots are as always amazing and in general you have a superb presentation :D
You have my gold ^^
2016-08-30 10:14

I thought this was heavy armor until I did read that she is a Necromancer ^^
It is a very unique look! Personally I don't like that helm but on this one looks interesting :)
But I have to say as Roamin about the chest area dyes, to be honest that's the first thing that I noticed. But however this looks amazing :)

If that look would be mine I would use more realistic weapons/backpiece, I mean, not shiny ones and so, but I have to say that I like very much how they fix on this look.

And as always, very good screenshots!
Gold! :D
2016-08-31 5:08

Elessar Taralom
I agree that the top part is a little light, but my idea was to have this breastplate look like bone or chitin and for that it needed to be a little lighter
And the weapons: yeah, I could have used some less shiny weapons like the Norn cultural weapons, but I wanted to emphasize on some cool, spiritual weapons instead, I get to use those way too less T T
2016-08-31 6:51 in reply to Migg

A beautiful look once again !
Everything is perfect except one detail. I don't know how to feel about the chestpiece, after reading your comment I know what you wanted to do, but it still looks a bit off :/
But apart from this, it's so awesome ! And the last screen is just... Wow so powerful !
A huge gold :D
2016-08-31 9:03

Elessar Taralom
Thank you! 
Well I am not save from false decision making, so hearing several people remarkin the chest I'll look into another dye for it ^^
I am also in love wit the last screen, I wanted to make it my title screen first, but too much of the actual armour is obstructed
2016-08-31 10:46 in reply to Pattou

Bianca Zauberkind
Same as Migg it took me a moment to realize that this is a light armor look ^^"
I've never been a fan of the Stag Helmet.... but it looks totally awsome in your screens and fits perfectly to your norn!
The screens look great as always, especially the last one with the feathers.
Moreover i envy you for the Gnarled Walking Staff >.
2016-08-31 11:09

Love *__*
What you did with the chest piece is amazing. I always found it pretty ugly or at least hard to work with. Also the stag helmet is usualy not my favorite, but your combination of armor pieces makes it look like the perfect fit.
Also I'm a big fan of lore friendly norn shaman looks and this one is so original and beautiful :)
The screens are sooo awesome! She looks stunning in every single one of them.
Just take my gold already xD
2016-09-05 9:07

Woo metallic looking light armor \o/ love that shit
2016-09-05 19:58

Fashion Collector
Very , very unusual look. It took me a while to notice some of the finer details this look has to offer. Although this theme has been overdone lately this look still manages to stay unique on its own. Gold!
2016-09-14 21:36

Great chaman, we could think that she lives in a little hut in the forest. :) Gold
2016-11-17 14:57

Wonder Wabbit
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2016-12-26 1:06

interesting take on that helmet, I have it flying around from a wardrobe unlock, might make something similar now that I have seen that it can be fashionable ;)
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