Divine Protector

By KNOMI on August 29th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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1 5
2 0
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I'm not sure about the weapons yet, I wanna end up matching Sunrise with it (just need some more clovers). And I will probably change alot still, but this is something I have worn for a really long time.


Fashion Guru
I would probably hide the wings, and just use them for gliding.
not sure about the weapons, I know you wanna use Sunrise, but i personally feel like something a bit more realistic may work even better. difficult to say for sure without seeing it though.
Armor combo works quite well, and your dyes are really nice :)
for the screenshots, I'm not sure I see the connection to why she is at this place. maybe another spot could work better for presenting this look?
Not bad for your first upload ^^
2016-08-30 9:27

Thx for the evaluation. Indeed the wings might be better to take of. But I'm working on Runrise for a few months now, just want to use it :D.
The place where I took the screenshots was more of a quick spot that wasn't LA xD.
Anyway thank you for commenting, I'm working on some more posts/outfits.
2016-09-16 5:00 in reply to Roamin

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