White Witch

By Roamin on August 29th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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18 6
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As a young girl, she was attacked by a long forgotten creature, feeding of the magic in anything living.
But a strange thing happened that night, for the magic this girl possessed turned out to be too much for the creature to handle.
Not long after the attack, she started waking up at strange places, covered in blood.
In search of a way to cure herself from this curse. She turned to Necromancy, where she found a way to Suppress it using dark rituals.
She is now forced to live alone, as none dares to get near the White Witch.

This is my oldest character. she was created the day after launch, and therefore turned 4 years old not long ago.
I haven't played on this character for about 3½ years as I actually hated how she had turned out.
Now I finally got myself together to try and give her a rework.
When I started, I had no idea what direction I wanted to go with this. I knew it had to feel like a necro, without using the standard black/green color scheme.
It was really difficult to figure out an armor/dye combo, as nothing really seemed to work with the appearance she had. so I ended up buying a Makeover kit, and after some fiddling around, i finally came up with the idea of this white witch necromancer.
For the armor, I liked the idea of having bones be a big part of it, which limited the amount of armors i had to work with a lot.
I ended up falling in love with how the shoulders and chestpiece was clipping, so i based the rest a bit around what would work with this.

Overall I think it turned out alright, and i hope you do so aswell :)


I don't know why, but it looks like she has a REALLY long neck like this. The dyejob looks good, I like it :) Maybe a different legpiece would work with it? The leystone is always funky to match with outfits!
2016-08-29 16:53

Fashion Guru
I've noticed the neck aswell. not 100% sure why this is, but I wish i had the option for a neck length slider in the makeover kit :P
I did look at other leg pieces, but it ended up being between leystone and Primitive. so i went with the leystone to not overdo the primitive armor set.
So i attemted to make the leystones match the bones on the rest as well as i could instead. :)
2016-08-29 16:59 in reply to Fylah

I love her! :)
I personally find it hard to create a look with light dyes, but you did an awesome job. The chest and boots give her the necro vibe, while the feathers on the shoulders add something mystical. Also the small bags on the leggins look perfect for storing ingredients and potions in there. The dyes are flawless imo. The only tiny thing I do not like, is how the chest cuts of the gloves. This kinda makes her arms look very thin^^'
Overall this is an easy gold :)
(I think the thing with the long neck is caused by the hairstyle. It makes the neck look thinner and hides the part, where it gets a bit thicker and connects with the shoulders at the same time :) )
2016-08-30 4:33

Elessar Taralom
You did an incredible job with those light dyes, creating a white look that isn´t full Celestial is something I rarely saw yet!
When it comes to shamanic skins, the roster is kinda limited by now and everything feels kinda "done" in that regard, but your unique approach really helped making this unique nonetheless!
I like that she looks kinda regal and a little older in the face as well, adds to the credibility
The upload overall is flawless, I really enjoy this look, have a well deserved gold ^^
2016-08-30 5:26

I get a nice ritu vibe here!
Your armor-comb is quite original, i havent seen much like this! :o
The colours are nicely subtle and add some sort of ghostly touch to the look.
Your choice of weapons fits spot on and you got some nice screens!
Gold for you :)
2016-08-30 8:17

Fashion Collector
the dyes are the bomb, especially on the legs, they look really ghastly and wraith like and make the whole look really original
the red from the primitive parts feels a wee bit irritating, but it doesn´t take away from the quality of the look overall
the long neck is odd indeed, but I dunno, I find it fitting to her whole character somehow, adds to her strangeness
great presentation, gold
2016-08-30 9:17

Fashion Guru
Thanks guys ^^
@Nanaltalia I ment to make her look quite thin, sadly the thinner looking body types also had the biggest breast size for some reason :/
She haven't had an exactly amazing diet since she was forced away by the curse, so i wanted to try and show this as much as i could.
I think you may be right about what makes the neck look longer. It's not much the hairstyle hides, so I'ts still kinda surprising.

@Elessar Taralom Thanks :) I did what i could to stay away from too white/black colors and too high contrasts.

@thunderstruck Sadly not everything on all armors are dyeable, else i would probably have done something with the red on the primitive pieces aswell ^^
probably a dark greyish rotten flesh kinda color instead, which should also match the rest a bit better.
2016-08-30 9:52

Fashion Guru
Really great look!
When I think about witch- themed look in GW2 I mostly see the same pattern like TA- headpiece etc but you managed to create something really really interesting and I love it.
The armour mix is lovely I think you did a great job combining the different pieces in order to create something not too common and the overall presentation helped your look to be a very outstanding one.
The dye job is so great and I am blown away by the screens you made. Very beautiful and how the different perspectives of the light are giving those colours a more vibrant and great tone is simply amazing.
I really love her hairstyle and the face you used it makes her so authentic and great that I am simply in love with her.
Such a flawless upload really deserves gold :3
2016-08-30 10:09

Very cool looking outfit!
2017-02-09 18:37