Flying away

By shopaholic on August 29th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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2 4
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Dreams of flying haunted a young and dutiful foot soldier. Every day she yearned for the freedom to soar above the dreary earth.

Whispers of a winged creature living in a magical fire reached her, so she traveled far into the northeastern reaches of Redbl until she found its lair.

Fearful though it was, she silently begged the beast to reveal its secret. Jump into the flames! it seemed to say.

She jumped.


Elessar Taralom
Please please add a screen from the character screen, this could be a really cool look, but I can barely tell, because I canĀ“t really see your character well on any of your screens
2016-08-29 6:13

I'd also like to see a pic of the front, we can't even see her face, or how the armor combines!
2016-08-29 16:57

I have to say the asme as the others, I'm not voting yet because the look seems interesting, but we can't decide with those screenshots :/
2016-08-29 17:24

Fashion Guru
Whoops! Sorry, I got carried away with telling the story. I've added some non-story pictures at the end. She's shy and doesn't like having her picture taken lol
2016-08-30 17:07