Noble Scholar

By Inverse93 on August 21st, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Character Bio:

Born to a pair of Priory explorers of common standing, Aster grew up happily amongst the middling echelons of Divinity's Reach and its people. During his youth, he made an unlikely friend - Sena Lightfield, the unruly young son of a noble family. Their friendship blossomed, and the two families came together, finding common ground despite their differing social standings. Both Aster's parents and the nobles were dedicated Priory scholars, having worked together in the field many times before. Everything was great for the young lad - until the day his affluent friend suddenly vanished from the Reach. Sena's parents became a little withdraw after their son's disappearance, and refused to divulge any information they had about the event.

Aster suffered another blow soon after. His parents had been dispatched to the Caledon Forest, the lush, verdant fields that played home to the recently emerged Sylvari race. Left in the care of his mother's weak and sickly sister, Aster eagerly awaited the return of his parents - only to be left heartbroken by the harrowing news that they had been murdered in cold blood by a faction known as the Nightmare Court..

Some salvation came for the poor boy at last - the Lightfield family had offered to adopt Aster in light of his parents' tragic demise. Whether they did it out of the kindness of their hearts, or to fill the void their missing child left, remains unknown.

But with a noble and comfortable upbringing, Aster grew into an intelligent, compassionate young man, eager to continue the work of his parents in their honour. As part of his work with the Priory, and eventually the Pact, he travelled to Orr to fight Zhaitan and its minions. He found a deep fascination there, and dedicates most of his time to exploring and uncovering the mysteries and secrets that the Orrians took to their watery grave..


Whoops. Sorry, got a little carried away there. Anyhow, this is Aster Lightfield - Orrian researcher extraordinaire! While it's a little impractical for battle, this is his standard look, reflecting his nobility and the colours of House Lightfield.


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2016-08-21 15:43

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2016-08-21 15:55

Double post fixed, browser went silly for a moment. And thank you so much!
2016-08-21 16:03

Elessar Taralom
I always like a noble look for male humans and although it might not be THE most original thing anymore, you did a proper job here!
The armour pieces you chose go together nicely and I am especially enthralled by the boots, they look lovely here!
The dye scheme feels appropiately royal, me likey ^^
It´s already really noticeable that you payed a lot of attention to detail regarding the presentation going to so many different places, but if you want the best out of your screens I´d advise you to also play around with Field of View and Horizontal/Vertical Position a lot more
That being said I like the overall upload, gold ^^
2016-08-22 6:46

Ahhh that's great to hear! I love the boots too, haha. And thanks for the tips on taking screens! I hadn't even thought to use those, hahaha. Thanks again!
2016-08-22 16:01 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Kiomori Stardust
2016-08-22 17:14

Fashion Guru
This is a clever mix of armor. If I were you, I would go one step further with a monocle. The boots are the best touch. I'm not too sold on the ascended focus, but it's a minor distraction. Gold from me!
2016-08-27 3:17

Truth be told, I'm waiting for the reading glasses to be on sale to complete his look! I'm really picky about foci, so I just had to settle on whatever matched his sceptre, haha. Thanks so much for the gold, too!
2016-08-28 10:36 in reply to Iris