Bound by Bloodstone

By Facepunch on August 20th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Grey
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Journal entry 58
We’ve fought this far, I’ll not lose myself to the Dragon now. Canach is with the Commander, fighting for all of us. Not many others have stayed steady so close to the Dragon. In just a few more hours, it could all be over. Hold it together…hold back the chak…hold these lanes just a little longer…

Journal entry 63
Mordremoth is silent. I’ve not yet heard any official word, but his voice came to a deafening crescendo, bellowing with a force I felt I could no longer withstand, and then…it was gone. Mordremoth is dead.

Journal entry 85
I just received word from Canach, he and the commander are headed north of the fleet crash site to investigate a bloodstone. I’m to meet his ship at Rata Novus before dusk.

Journal entry 86
We’ve set anchor, thank the Tree. Something happened on the way to the Fen—an explosion, only it wasn’t--we survived. Everyone is okay it seems, as am I, save for a scrape on my neck...some shrapnel from the blast, I’ve already bandaged myself up. Canach is running an errand for the Countess, he asked me to scout the area for Pact troops in need of a hand.

To Scholars of the Priory:
I’m sending this journal to you, it was dropped by a Sylvari after she wiped out a half dozen Crusaders. Something was wrong with her. She was mad, that’s certain, but Mordremoth is dead at the time I am writing this. Her madness was something else, it manifests physically as red. Red eyes, red stones. It may have something to do with the massive explosion as we arrived here. I hope the information in these pages is helpful.


Hi all! I wanted to make a bloodstone themed character to make use of the new skins, but I really am not a huge fan of the black + primary color red look. I decided to try to make a Sylvari that looks very pretty without the bloodstone visage and backpiece, but also really fits the look of bloodstone crazed just by adding those two skins. I am mostly happy with how it's coming along but would appreciate any thoughts you guys might have. Thanks for looking!


Fashion Guru
I think generally your armour looks quite pretty, maybe not too creative but it's not possible to find somethinge extremly outstanding if the intentions are to create a more sylvari- like look and I still thing it's beautiful.

Unfortunately there is one thing that you really have to do here in order to get a proper rating for this look. Specify basically everything you used. Starting by armour pieces, the dyes and of course every weapon and backpiece. I think generally you started very well, you created an interesting and neat story for your character and you provided some pretty screens. I especially love the title screen it's very very beautiful but also here I would suggest you to take some more screens AND diverse screens, as well. You also don't have to cut out every detail of your background, sometimes there are great places that would add up some beauty to your look by being very fitting and sometimes you can even interact with your surroundings. Just keep that in mind next time ^^ Also a character selection screen is always required to see your armour in a neutral light.
The only thing that I would change here btw is maybe the staff since it's not fitting to the colours nor the theme your were going for, I am sure you could find something else.
I won't rate this right now since I am missing some basics like dyes and I cannot tell which colours you used at all since your character is mostly in the dark and I don't know every single dye that is in the game.
Please work on these issues and I am sure that your character will become the rate it deserves ^^
2016-08-20 13:43

Hi AnaChronism, thanks for taking the time to give me some advice. I've done a few things to try to improve what I have based on it.
1) I changed the dye scheme to lighten her up just a tad but also to bring in the colors from the staff (since I like it and don't want to change it!)
2) This required retaking the screens since the armor is dyed differently now, so I took some of your advice there as well. One of them has lots of fighting going on so it's hard to see her, but I think it's nice to have since it goes along well with the story I've established for her.
2016-08-20 19:36

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