The Krytan Dove - Queen Jennah´s Guard of Honour

By Elessar Taralom on August 14th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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3 0
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"Ever since I was a little girl roaming the streets of Divinity´s Reach I knew I was destined to become someone important. Brawling with the boys was kind of my usual passtime and I was quick a nice sharpshooter with the slingshot by age 11! But there was one thing I enjoyed even more than learning how to fight: the Seraphs.
Watching them train and fight for our beloved Queen Jennah was always a joy for me. Often I stole away from the boring tasks at home and watched them destroy the training dummies with their precise strikes. I wanted to be able to do what they could and more of all I wanted to bring justice to the sometimes rough streets of our capital. Sadly my parents didn´t quite agree with my desire to become a renowned fighter.
"Wielding a weapon? That is not ladylike, my dear, just get rid of these fantastic tales!"
I was disappointed to say the least, but not ready to give up on my dream yet. By age 20 I had nearly perfected my weapon skills. All the tricks I had seen when the Seraphs were training were surely of great help and my iron will kept me awake to train night after night. But alas, there was no way to join the Seraphs without having my parents in distress. All my skills however couldn´t go to waste, I would not allow it! I was sure that the bandits and prowler in Divinity´s Reach were no match for me and so I decided to take justice in my own hands.
For over a year I secured the streets at night and made my name as a vigilante. Since I hid my identity very well I became known as "The Krytan Dove", surely a nod to the battlegear I compiled. Luckily my efforts didn´t gp by unnoticed. One night after a very successfull shutdown of a small smuggler ring a Seraph approached me. I can still hear my heart pounding! Impressed by my skills and devotion to the city he insisted to introduce me to the head of guard, heck, even the Queen!
Well, when a letter from Queen Jennah arrived a few weeks later, begging my parents to let me be part of the Royal Guard, how could they refuse? From now on I am a special member of the Seraphs and being able to learn from them and serve the Queen is my greatest honour."

Hey guys,

Elessar here with another look! I wanted to show you this romantic look for quite a while now, but took some time to accquite the perfect weapons and I felt that the upcoming jubilee of Queen Jennah was a nice occasion to finally upload this look!
I always loved the Falconer´s Coat and wanted to create a somewhat dreamy and romantic look around it.
Very early the idea of some vigilante superhero design popped into my head and I chose the concept of a dove to go along with it as I felt that the dye scheme was original and something I rarely saw ingame.
The weapon skins were to be simple, elegant and a bit girlish as I really wanted to emphasize on her femininity.
I hope I could create something a little special in the mostly underboob-medium-meta and that you enjoy my jubilee look ^^

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Fashion Guru
Wow.... Those screenshots are fantastic when I saw the main one she didn't look like really good but the others one are just amazing. Not a fan of the Cora but it firs perfect here the colors everything
2016-08-14 13:34

Fashion Guru
There she finally is :3
I really love this overall concept, she is like Batman from Divinity's Reach only cuter, with a prettier armour and not to mention being a kick ass female (!) hero! So she is basically everything I like since I was a child. xD But serious business now.
I really love her armour so so so much! I think this coat is one of the most prettiest skins for medium armour and way more awesome than the T3 underboob thingy (since this piece is too overused since the game's out). I love how beautiful the feathers are looking thanks to the colours you chose and I am amazed how perfect everything else fits so well together. The shoulders are amazing, I love the laurels and I am happy that you chose some simple boots so that we can focus on the center of your look.
The dyes are perfect, very bright and cute. She is pretty and girlish without being a clichée!
Weapons are of course also very fitting I think she is the only one who can rock the new BL- weapons!
Your screens are- as always- outstanding and very beautiful and it's good that you concentrated on the different places around Divinity's Reach since it's the center of her story.
I am simply in love with her and I think it's really one of my favourite looks so far x3 Gooold!!
2016-08-14 13:43

awww, what a beauty!!
2016-08-14 13:54

Fashion Guru
wow, I couldn´t imagine anything good looking for the last bl skins, but you convinced me otherwise
making a creative female human is quite the challenge, but you really managed well! with the often rough, wildish and leathery outfits the medium armour tends to produce this is a really uncommon look
it almost looks like light armour to me
awesome presentation, gold
2016-08-14 13:55

Dang i never thought someone could make "Barbies first weaponset" work, but you did it!
I really love the soft and female colour-concept! Looks very elegant!
To top it off the presentation is highest quality (as expected ;D)!
Another Gold you can add to your collection ^^
2016-08-14 15:28

Fashion Guru
I love her! I really like the use of the Embellished weapon. I'm working on a look with them as well ;)
2016-08-14 19:25

Elessar Taralom
Thank you ^^
And now I'm really looking forward to what you come up with!
2016-08-15 5:34 in reply to jesandsteven

I love her! You did an excelent job with the dyes. The mix of the silver metal parts and the leather in light violett and white make her look strong but romantic and soft at the same time.
Also I didn't know, that the ornate guild armor could look so good for middle armor classes. The coat and shoes have always been two of my favourite armor pieces :)
The weapons fit the romantic flair perfectly. I can't help but find, that the cavalier pistols look kinda cute xD
It's only a bit sad, that the dyes in game are so different from the dyes in the character select, but I know how hard it is to take screens of a light dyed look with the in game lightning. Nevertheless your screens are awesome :)
2016-08-15 7:36

Fashion Guru
This is utterly beautiful. I love how she is graceful but at the same time not wishy-washy! It's interesting how much the ambient lighting affects the dye choice. The in game appearance is stunning and so different to the character selection screen. Also I love your use of the embellished hammer :)
2016-08-16 6:05

Fashion Collector
I must admit this look is a bit too girly for my tastes,but that's not to say that I don't appreciate it's originality and the and effort that went into creating it.
The screenshots and story are as usually good and the dyes match flawlessly with all the armor pieces, the only thing that I dislike however are the boots because I feel they make the space from the feet to the knees devoid of details. Also I'm surprised that you managed to squeeze that Embellished weapon skin with this look, never thought that someone would make good use of them.
Have this embellished Gold. ^_^
2016-08-16 22:43

Good job in general, gold :)
2016-08-17 10:53

Fashion Collector
I really like this look. Unique and beautiful
2016-08-19 20:24

Love the look, beautiful work with the dyes!
What dagger and shortbow skin would you use, in case someone wanted to replicate it with a thief?
2016-08-19 21:25

Elessar Taralom
Thank you! ^^
You could of course go with any of the sets I used, so Embellished, Seraph or Cavalier, but I could also imagine the Krytan weapons to work well or Lovestruck if you wanna get really expensive
2016-08-20 5:34 in reply to faminho

Pretty cool take on a classical medium armor combo =D
2017-03-17 20:28

cute one, at least it´s not super meta, sick and tired of seeing all these underboob looks run around man
2017-05-15 10:30