Daracha of the Order of Whispers

By Kumatate on August 11th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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Hey, It's been a long time since I last uploaded a set xD
Hope you guys like this outfit themed after the order of whispers:3
I have some different variants of helmets I use, which I might upload one of the days:)
Anyway have a good day !:3
I was a bit tired last night so didn't really get to add that much to the description, but anyway, I just came back to the game after around an 8 to 9 months break from the game.
I made this set plus a few more around November last year (they will be uploaded over the coming days).
The Original reason for making this set was to use the Daredevil helmet, but I have since discarded that, as I ran around with this set for quite a bit before taking a break from the game.
The sad part is I was looking so much forward to sharing it on here, but I didn't wan't to upload it until I had Bo (which I still don't have xD)
So yeah the next few Outfits I'm uploading will be from around November last year I am waiting with making a new outfit for Daracha until I have Nevermore.
I am also leveling an Asura Theif atm so when it hits max lvl I will make a few outfits for that one:3


Ah, everyone's favorite Scarlet clone is back. :) I'd love to see a variant of this outfit using the Whispers hood, or something like that!
2016-08-11 20:09

Sadly I don't have the Dye required but I can give you a picture of what that would look like :3 http://imgur.com/SplpIdH
And thanks for the comment, now I know what dye to save up too>-
2016-08-11 20:24 in reply to KestrelGirl

This looks awesome like she's about to kill someone
2016-08-12 14:52