Rust Thïerry

By Khryse on August 2nd, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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4 0
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My main goal when putting together a look is to choose armor that produces a congruous shape/silhouette. I then consider how channels can be dyed as to create flow from one piece of armor to another.

The Nightmare Court Breastplate gives needed support to Asura's thin necks and gives bulk to their small chests.

Armageddon Gauntlets were chosen for their vicious spikiness and again for bulking up Asura's thin arms.

Flame Legion Greaves were chosen for being tall shoes that cover the knees and for the thematically appropriate claws, especially if Armageddon Gauntlets are being worn.

Mistward Legguards provided a nicely shaped butt-tent balanced by the ribbons and metal belt parts in front. These frontal elements distract from the otherwise wide-set Asuran legs.

Unfortunately, light colors in the main leg channel accentuate the diaper-like shape of the armor covering the groin/waist region. Luckily, enameled emblaze dye interacts nicely with metals while being dark enough to provide continuity from the chest piece. From the backside, the butt-tent pattern continues the interleaving pattern of dark and light dyes from the chest piece.

Use The Juggernaut/Mystic Chromatic Ooze gizmo for ever-changing interactions with environment lighting.

edit: updated with more screens~


I absolutely love this look! The enameled dyes make the metal look very cool and i love how you combined the red with some shades of black and white!
Whats kinda unfortunate though, is that you didnt put any effort in presenting the look here :/
You only have one screen and one sentence of description. If only there were some action screens or screens with nice backgrounds i would totally give this a Gold since the look itself is really amazing. But with this level of presentation its only a silver from me.
Great look though! :)
2016-08-03 12:19

Fashion Guru
I'm not sure about this look lol cause it looks so cute but the armor looks really fierce i don't know but it looks really good! We need more screenshots!
2016-08-04 22:24

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