Volcanic Rebirth

By hellsqueen on August 2nd, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Orange
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She was born uniquely small for a norn, many joking to her mother and father she was the runt of the litter, that the snow leopard spirits had given them. It never helped that in her childhood that she was also particularly clumsy and managed to fall over her own feet. Her parents tried to hide from her the fact that people were so mean to her inferior size and made sure she was the happiest little norn she could ever be. Little did her parents know, snow leopard had blessed her greatly, she knew people weren't overly accepting of her, but the snow leopard spirit lived in her very soul teaching her to laugh whenever she could, never believing for a moment her size would affect her. Although small, she was very strong and knew how to utilize her size to her advantage allowing her to maneuver herself faster than all the warriors she knew.

Although people joked for the longest time that her dreams of being a warrior were foolish, she managed to prove herself at The Great Hunt where with help of the amazing Eir Stegalkin she slayed Issormir, a great and powerful Ice Wurm. People were more inclined to believe that she was capable of fighting but still would never believe she could ever be a hero, except Eir who after fighting along side the small warrior decided to take her on as an apprentice, to share her wisdom to her young friend.

Her moment came when three orders, all with great influence and positive decisions to make in wanting to defeat the dragons could not agree and neither could the most influential wolfborn norn. Eir vouched for her friend and Knut Whitebear allowed her to be the one to make the decisions, unknowingly putting in her hands the power to become a great hero.

While helping each order, she met another norn who had joined the Order of Whispers, a tall woman with incredibly dark brown hair, green eyes with dark make-up, making her look mean but the tiny warrior thought she looked incredibly beautiful. Whilst helping the Whisper's, she got to get to know the woman who was an incredibly talented mesmer who ended up charming the warrior's heart. Although she pondered going with the Vigil due to her talents, the idea of leaving the mesmer behind and never seeing her again frightened her, so she chose the Order of Whispers. They were surprised by her decision, given her ability to fight and her very bright and friendly nature, they soon realised her choice was not entirely her own. The warrior and the mesmer ended up working together, growing incredibly close to one another.

During their fight with Zhaitan, amidst all the chaos around them one of their most memorable moments were to happen. The warrior was standing toward the front of the airship battling some of the undead while her love defended the console Zojja was controlling. Suddenly, the front of the airship was destroyed sending the warriror flying, she managed to use her sword to hook into a gap of some broken pieces and hang on. She managed to get a grip and tried to start climbing her way back up to the the main platform. The mesmer hand bolted over and reach out her hand and helped pull the warrior back to the top, Zojja called out to the both of them saying the laser cannon was ready to fire. The mesmer didn't let go of the embrace she was holding the warrior in.

"Skilja, we have to fire that cannon or this is all for nothing." The warrior said, for Skilja to release her only to hold onto her shoulders and stare at her. Zojja called out again and the mesmer raised her hand out to wait.

"Regina, that was ridiculously scary and what I have to say doesn't have time to wait. When this is over, we will return to Hoelbrak as heroes, but more importantly I would like us to merge our Leopard Spirits in the presence of all the Spirits of the Wild. Will you marry me?"

"Of course I will! Now can we shoot the cannons before we die, so I can see you in a pretty white dress, because I wouldn't want to miss that for anything." she shouted excitedly.

Of course, peace was for a limited time. Modremoth became active and a prophecy told to the warrior by the Pale Tree was yet to come to pass. The Pale Tree gave her an item and told her there would soon be a force so powerful, it would force her to change to grow more powerful and that the only way to change was to burn and be cleansed. Her wife was the first to be called in by the Pact to lead the march into the Heart of the Maguuma, but fearing for her wife's safety she ventured in on her own. Not too far into Verdant Brink she found her wife being gruesomely attacked by jungle tendrils, she soon realized when her wife was able to fight off the tendrils more capably than the little warrior, she knew she needed to find where the prophecy was meant to take place.

She ventured to the only place she could think when she could be cleansed and reborn, Mount Maelstrom. She didn't tell Skilja her plan to dive into boiling hot lava with the pod she had received from the Pale Tree. She jumped into the lava and felt her skin burning away, as she thought she had made a mistake and these were her last moments, the pod grew and engulfed the norn, protecting her skin from melting away and mending the the damage it had already done. It held her in stasis for two days until it spat her safely from the lava, reborn with fire burning within her very core.

She returned to the Maguuma to be beside her love, fighting together to defeat Mordremoth the same way they defeated Zhaitan. Although, Skilja was quite mad at Regina for jumping in to burning hot lava without telling her, but forgave her after a quiet and beautiful moment they experienced in the jungle.


So, this is my bad ass berserker/warrior. I went through a very rocky relationship with her ability, weapon and look wise. However, now that I have perfected my play style on her, the outfit choice came fairly easy once I got a grip of her personality. I wanted her in lighter colors but I wanted the colors to look dirty, like she was pure of heart and soul but the dirty looking armor to show a battle proven warrior. The Council Guard stuff is the particularly dirty looking gear, particularly because I imagine she uses her armor to black attacks and thus it gets dirty and scratched oh her gloves and boots. However, she doesn't like too heavily armored gear for her body, due to her smaller size, the more cloth like material the better as it would be easier for her to use her small size to her advantage and have better maneuverability. The flame legion pauldrons was more of a choice the fact it looked elegant but tough, and also fire, I like fire.

These screens were particularly interesting to take because there are two sides to her. The fire harnessing warrior and the snow born norn. Capturing her heritage and her power were both really important to me which meant taking two very differing screens in location and color. The pictures in Hoelbrak were very thought out in capturing her heritage and her connection with her Spirit of the Wild and I feel the poses are particularly important as they capture her ability to laugh and be a fool even with all the darkness that surround her path in life of being a hero. There are a few picture that are meant to be showing her rebirth from the flames.

As usual, comments about the ways in which I could improve (particularly with screenshots) are very much desired. And perhaps checking out my other stuff would be cool too, I've went back to improve a lot of my screens (particularly my Druid) ^_^

Also, I would like to apologise for any spelling errors in my stories because I kind of just let the words flow into the story and then forget to check up on them because after writing it all, sometimes I don't see my mistakes.


10/10 for many reasons, plus i'm in the story :3
2016-08-02 6:42

As usual, you're work is absolutely remarkable!

Your outfit makes sense to your story and goes really well together. I can tell from your description about the glove and boot choice that you really pay fine attention to detail and really think in depth about the potential of your characters armor choice. I also love the color choices! They are light but give this armor a more unique fell to it.

Your screens are so beautifully done, I remember you said that you're screenshots were previously not so good and you were trying to improve, well you have definitely done so. I like how it looks like your screens are telling the story of her diving in to be reborn and her looking like she is fighting her way out of Mt. Malestrom. And the photos in Hoelbrak aRE SO ADORABLE! The one where she is pointing at both her spirits is really cute.

And as usual, YOUR STORIES ARE SO FUCKING ON POINT! I love reading them because they really give your characters so much more depth and personality.
2016-08-02 8:05

Oh wow, this is way better than anything you uploaded before I think. :) The story is beautiful and the look is absolutely fitting the purpose. Not to mention that I love that hairstyle, and the hair color! So pretty. I still have to do a character with red hair that I actually like. Maybe you can be my inspiration. now. :D You even managed to make a norn look graceful... :D
Of course, those screens are beautiful.

Personally I don't like the wings on her that much...they don't really fit in with the rest of the concept. But that might just be me...

So, that's an overall gold for me. :)
2016-08-02 8:26

Nah, the wings don't suit that much but I am very limited with backpack choice, so I would rather wings that match my glider than nothing.
2016-08-02 11:12

But yo, thank you! I am surprised this even turned out well because I suffered with the warrior as a class for awhile so I never really could work out a look I liked.
2016-08-02 11:13

Fashion Guru
The orange of the armour and the bright red hair kinda throws me off a little as the two dyes clash a little for me, but otherwise I´d call this a solid look
Can´t say I never saw this aprticular mix of top and legs, but it still exudes classic beauty and is definitely a nice look
Your presentation is flawless and the fiery theme is a nice touch, gold
2016-08-02 20:59

I mean yeah the oranges are probably not the same, but I wouldn't call the hair red, unless this is another thing with me and the Australian $20 note where everyone says it's red, including google but I see orange.
2016-08-02 21:40

A lot of effort has been put into this. Good job!
2016-08-03 6:00