Divinity┬┤s Reach Vigilante

By GladiusNocturno on July 31st, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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The Daily Reacher
"Vigilante threatens local peace!"
Citizens of Divinity┬┤s Reach, there has been numerous sightings of a vigilante on the streets of our beautiful city. The man know by the populous as "The Night Blade" has murdered 40 people in the past 2 month, most of them were local thugs and bandits, however the last 8 were a group of nobles in the Salma District, it is rumored that this nobles were involve in acts of children traffic as slave but the Seraph have dismissed this claims. So far the theories on the identity of "The Night Blade" go from a White Mantle operative to a rogue Shining Blade agent, there are even suggestions that this man is none other than the former Pact Commander Gladius Nocturno, who was last seen traveling to Bloodstone Fen and has since being missing after the reported magical explosion on the area, but so far there is no evidence that supports this theories. The Seraph is offering a bounty of 10.000 GOLD to whoever captures "The Night Blade" dead or alive and 800 GOLD to anyone who provides information that lets to his arrest. Beware citizens and may Dwayna proctects us all.


Nice look mate.
2016-08-02 11:04