[WiP Steampunk-ish] No more coats for me!

By Micachu on July 29th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Gold
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Since he's an engineer I always wanted to make my asura look kinda steampunk-ish. For that reason I purchased all of the Aetherblade sets and the Magitech set, because they are absolutely perfect for this kind of style. But it always bugged me that for that very reason they did not feel very unique after a while. That, and that medium armor mostly consists of coats and mantles, I was getting sick of it. So I tried a few things and came up with this.

Note that this will not be the final result though. I want him to wear the Triumphant Hero's Brigandine but it is currently not obtainable yet. So until then he's wearing the regular Triumphant Brigandine. I included an extra picture of the Hero's version to show what I am aiming for, it doesn't really change the look though, just adds a little bit more to it.


Elessar Taralom
I don´t really get a Steampunk vibe off of this apart from the dye job, but it is nonetheless a really nice look for an Asura
I find medium Asuras always quite hard and this one looks super adorable!
I even like the glasses on this look, they are quite fitting
You could improve your screenshot variety a little and maybe specify the weapons and I´ll happily give you a gold ^^
2016-07-29 18:08

Yeah, I find it kinda hard to specify what Steampunk really is tbh. Golden things? Stripes? Gears? Pocket Watches? This was sort of my steampunk-ish experiment.

This was my first time posting so I'm a bit new to this. Mind if I ask what kind of screenshot variety, aside from just the look from different angles, do people want to see on here? Also I'm not really set on the weapon yet, but I added what I'm using at the moment (when I'm not using the flame thrower which is most of the time). :) Thanks for your feedback!
2016-07-29 18:23 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Elessar Taralom
And for a first post this is already really cool, don´t worry! ^^
If you do care about votes you should get a little more artistic with the screenshots and find some locations that fit your overall theme (like for your character some scrappy places in the Black Citadel or an airship) and try out different poses, emotes and skills to get a variety of screens
If you want to see what I mean simply look at uploads from Hylek, Acethyle, Anachronism or myself included for example^^
2016-07-30 4:50 in reply to Micachu

Ah alrighty! Yeah, I already checked out your screenshots and I'm blown away, wow. They're amazing!
I thought this was just about the look itself and not necessarily the presentation of it, but apparently I didn't inform myself enough before I posted. I'll get to it and update with a few better screenshots soon then. :)
2016-07-30 5:57 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
I usually Dislike the shoulder scarf and those glasses, but here i'm actually okay with it :)

for your screenshots, yes it's important that you show different angles so we can get a good look at how the armor looks. it's however a lot more interresting to look at artistic screenshots, and as long as these also show the different angles of our armor, I will always vote these higher.

overall a solid first post, and if you update it, i will most likely come back and change my vote to gold :D
2016-07-30 15:46