Alma Rhyllis, Dragon Hunter

By Aelaza on July 24th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
Vote Breakdown
7 3
5 0
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Circumstances at Maguuma Falls forced this once gentle guardian to become a dragon hunter.

*Originally I wanted this character to look like Evenia from GW1, but sometimes characters have a voice of their own and her look evolved. Choosing the chest piece was easy. Matching that Mistward Plate to leggings and boots was not. Overall I'm happy with her look and I think she's happy with it as well.


Why don't you have any comments by now? O.O' Been looking at this over the weekend repeatedly, but didn't have any time to comment til I am... :D

I really like what you did there. I never before saw someone use those pants in a way I actually liked, but with your look they work absolutely well and look awesome! I love how the gold pattern matches the one on the arms...this is so well done. :)

I'm not so sure about the shoulders, so I don't really have a suggestion which would be better, sadly...maybe I'll look into this ingame again. :D Love your color choice, love the screens, and I think your style is very, very original. So --- gold :)
2016-07-25 5:37

Thank you so much. I agree about the shoulders. I couldn't find anything that went well. Shoulders were either too big, too busy or too blah.
2016-07-25 8:14