By Lithril on July 17th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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First off, all humanoids can use this armor and look good, it may not work well with other races like charr or norn. Sylvari and Human work well, but you'd have to see!

I was trying to make modernized armor appearances since they took away the town clothes as armor. Currently I have found a good look loved by my friends and the spvp lobby so I figured I'd share it on here to see how you guys loved it, not for the votes :).

Celebraton hat: cant get any modern than this, obvious choice here.

Leystone Vestments: It takes dye pretty well, especially charred dye to make a leatherish appearance, I took this to make it like a sleeveless shirt look and the pattern on it lets the dyes mesh well, As an example, it can look like a GW2 HoT Hoody shirt almost if dyed the leystone part Toxin with a celestial/white background...but im more of a cow rustler guy si i made it look leatherish.

Ascalonian Performer Pants: I had to choose this one as the Researcher's Pants didnt cut it for me as they either looked like Chaps and that they had those small accessories on the sides...the coat tail also was the deal breaker.

Conjurer Shoes: The other obvious choice as the other boots never looked like sneakers. Compliments the dye channels well, Use your own preferred colors, I chose Shadow Abyss, as I love my blackest-black, and toxin to add flare to the streak like some design to current day sneakers.

If you like please comment and vote. As always i always upload with HELP WANTED :)
Coming soon: Medium and HEAVY modern looks - Please check out my other looks and vote !


Well I don't come in Gw2 to see what I can see by going out in the streets, this is very common too, except for the hat that only a few persons have.
I don't really like it, just one screen, nothing special to it... The description is really good though.

But, I'm very curious about the heaby and medium versions !
2016-07-17 19:42

Working on them as we speak Pattou
2016-07-17 20:08 in reply to Pattou