Futuristic White Mantle

By NanaItalia on July 17th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Hey guys o/
This is my take on the white mantle theme. I'm so happy to see the white mantle return in GW2 and having some pretty cool stuff going on.
This look was supposed to be white mantle from the beginning, but I had some problems finding the right spots to dye white (I'm not good with light colors^^'). It took me some time, but I'm really saticfied with the way it looks now. My white mantle version is a bit futuristic because of the gloves and shoulders. The red crystals are supposed to be blood stone shards. I thought was, that infusing some armor parts with blood stone shards, might be a better way of using their power and might not end in turning into an abomination like Matthias.
Also the weapons are not all white mantle skins. I just had no magnitide shards left, after I equipped my necro^^' (Might edit this in a few weeks, or maybe when I'm lucky with looting :))

Well, hope you like it :)


Fashion Guru
She looks really awesome :)
2016-07-17 17:59

Fashion Guru
Really nice mix! I love that you went for those boots, a particular fave of mine ;), as they add a bit of gold. I like that you went for more muted gold/red and let the shoulders/gloves be your bright bits. Gold from me.
2016-07-17 18:55

Another great white mantle look!
I like the futuristic component you added with the scarlet skins! It makes your look quite unique :D
Matthias staff is just soooo pretty, congratz on that!
And your screens are amazing as always!
Gold from me :)
2016-07-18 9:41

Great screens!
What I like are the colours you used and the Seer Coat and the Guild Pants do really look great together.
That the staff does not works 100% with the necromancer skill is a pity, but does not make it a bad look at all. Gold!
2016-07-18 15:37

I love the futuristic aspect of this white mantle look. It adds something different and new from all the other looks I've seen ! The red spikes on gloves and shoulders really look like blood stone shards just like on the staff, and the colors match perfectly with the cool backpiece ^-^ The colors and armor pieces are perfect for the theme and the screens are beautiful too ! Take my gold !! =)
2016-07-20 8:02

Not much for comments, but you got a gold from me. It just looks good, not really a better way for me to say it :P
2016-07-20 8:21

Fashion Collector
You listed Incarnate Mask but you are using Aurora Helm on the screens. You might wanna correct that.

Minor issue aside, It's a very nice look. The staff fit it so well that I wouldn't even bother with the other set of weapons.
2016-07-20 16:07

Elessar Taralom
Really nice take on the White Mantle theme, I love that you made it a little more interesting with this futuristic aspect to it ^^
The armour mix simply looks great and the dyes are spot on for a White Mantle look
Now, gimme that staff! T-T
I adore your screens and I simply love this look, not much more there is to say than: have a big gold!
2016-07-20 16:39

Thx wipalmi, glad you like her^^
2016-07-20 16:54 in reply to wipalmi032

Thanks jesandsteven :) I really love the boots, they are probably the best light boots in the game for me^^
2016-07-20 16:56 in reply to jesandsteven

Thx for your kind words Hylek :)
2016-07-20 16:56 in reply to Hylek

Thank you Fenral ;) And yes, it's a bit sad, that the skills don't fit so well :/
2016-07-20 16:58 in reply to Fenral

Thank you, Ace :)
2016-07-20 16:59 in reply to Acethyle

Haha, I get, what you mean ThatGuyInazuma^^ Thanks anyway :)
2016-07-20 17:00 in reply to ThatGuyInazuma

Thanks for telling jeknar :)
I use the incanate mask very often, so I must have automaticaly putt it in there xD
2016-07-20 17:01 in reply to Jeknar

Thanky you Elessar :)
And no, it is my staff, you can't get it xD But we can go to matthias and steal his one^^
2016-07-20 17:03 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Guru
White Mantle- looks are my all time favourites atm and I really love what you created here.
What I love the most is that you didn't went for the most obvious skins like anyone maybe would expect on such a look and that you managed to incorperate some futuristic parts in here to match the overall theme you were going for.
I really like the armour combo quite a lot, you really managed to use pieces I really like so I can't even complain even if i wanted to xD
What I love the most are the Scarlet- skins and the 'headpiece' over here.
Dyes are of course on point, very White Mantle..ish and yet you used some golden accents and a white tone that doesn't look too bright and shiny and almost unrealistic.
Weapons are spot on especially the staff is such an amazing addition and I'd wish I could just steal this piece from your character because I need it xD
I love your screens they are very fitting and very very beautiful I really like every single one of them.
Such a wonderful job desveres a wonderful gold- medal or maybe two or three or ALL THE GOLD MEDALS!
2016-07-25 10:57