Blood Washes Blood (White Manle look)

By Iris on July 15th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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38 6
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"To my beloved people, cometh the grievous news. High Inquisitor Xera has fallen, our stronghold ravaged, our sacred Temple sullied. For hundred years we sharpen our blades waiting for the chance to reclaim Kryta. Our mother is at stake, she's weakening. Yet the very same savages who corrupt her dare to challenge us at the heart of our force. They shall not be forgiven. Call forth our Master's strength! Unleash our wrath and let our fury purge the enemies from these lands! We shall cleanse Kryta! Leave none standing! Blood washes blood!

- High Inquisitor Iskandar, 1329 AE"

Since my raid group defeat Xera, I have been enamored with the design of GW2 White Mantle and especially the Xera's Mask backpiece. At first, it doesn't make sense to casually carry the backpiece around without tying some lore reasons to the outfit. Then slowly, a character popped into my head, what if a new High Inquisitor is created to pick up Xera's mantle? She will be someone equally powerful yet thirsty for vengeance to the point of madness. Beautiful, lunatic and ruthlessly pious, I present you High Inquisitor Iskandar.

Mini Update: I replaced Glorious Epaulet with the ascended version Ardent Glorious Epaulet. They look more intricate but the original is also lovely :3


First white mantle-look I really enjoy! :) I don't like all the others, but yours is great! :)

Voted gold. Only thing I'd like to suggest - maybe add a color other than to the boots? They don't really match with the rest of the outfit now; also, their gold tone is different from the others... :)
2016-07-15 21:10

Your character looks absolutely stunning.
Could be a real white mantle NPC!
2016-07-16 1:52

Elessar Taralom
I really love all the White Mantle looks popping up lately and yours is definitely one of the best ones I've seen so far
Especially the mask and the shoulders are a really intriguing choice that give your character the originality tò stand out in the plethora of looks on this topic
The weapons and backpiece are a high cost factor that definitely help to make it all come across true to the source material
I like your dyes, especially the boots, as it feels like an original approach to me
Tiniest nitpick I have: I don't think the top really fits the rest
Back to the good stuff though : your screena are the BOMB and I will gladly give you a gold ^^
2016-07-16 3:27

Nice one!

Silver for me!
2016-07-16 4:17

Fashion Guru
First of all, thank you everyone for the Gold and your kind comments. It brings me great pleasure to learn that you enjoy my character's look. There are so many nice outfits around that it's tough to stay inspired and creative these days ( I wanted to copy all those favorite of mine~~ NOT, can't! Arggh...)
2016-07-16 4:49

Fashion Guru
Regarding the boots, they are originally complimentary to the scepter. The white/gold combo matches my scepter so well but I couldn't incorporate them to the entire outfit. So, I changed them to ruby/gold. This time, they look quite pop, but after running around for awhile, my brain got triggered to expect the gold part to be white as in the ruby/white combo on the shoulders and gloves. But changing the gold part of the boots to white kinda just ruins the whole reason why I wanted them in the first place. In the end, I picked the gold/gold combo for my boots - probably not the best but the lesser devil that I can live with. The gold/gold look also breaks the primary ruby/white palette and makes it less tonal.
2016-07-16 4:58 in reply to Himmelstaenzer

Fashion Guru
You're really sharp and always able to pick out my most satisfying pieces. That's commendable ;P The current outfit is actually the final product of an evolution of what had been a cosplay of Xera's outfit before it was released in the gem store. In the outfit, there is a small boob windows formed by a criss-cross at the chest. Out of all the armor chest that I tried, the Apprentice chest is the only one that gives the same tightness and show a similar amount of skins. Since then, I have replaced all the other pieces but still keep the chest piece for its understated sexiness. The Heritage mask was an accident find: it's complimentary to the criss cross of the chest while giving this Venetian flair which recalls the image of Matthias while staying relevant with the Xera's Mask. The whole look was re-built around that backpiece: the most dramatic shoulders, the Venetian mask, the stoic religious gloves, the unhindered chest and the simplest skirt/leggings with interesting ribbon piping. They create a frame to showcase that beautiful backpiece :)
2016-07-16 5:17 in reply to Elessar Taralom

I miss some touch of gold in the dyes, but the look is still very good.
The chestpiece doesn't really fit imo, but the pants/mask/shoulders are on point !
The screens are great, especially the second one, really funny :D

Anyway, I'm giving you a gold on this one, well done !
2016-07-16 6:52

Fashion Guru
Thanks for the gold! :D
I would kill for the third dye channel on the shoulders and gloves so I could sneak in some gold details. Lucky for me, the white mantle weapons are there to prevent me from getting triggered with my dye choices.
2016-07-16 7:05 in reply to Pattou

Fashion Guru
woa :O she's amazing!
i would like to see the boots in white and gold, but its only my opinion :)
btw i love everything! screenshots are amazing, she has a nice charisma in your screens, nice weapons choice.. you did an excellent job!
gold on everything for me :)
2016-07-16 9:38

Fashion Guru
Best White Mantle outfit I've ever seen! I really love the screenshots, too. Just, excellent overall!
2016-07-16 14:49

Fashion Guru
Great screens, beautiful armor mix, nice dye work! Gold ofc :)
2016-07-16 16:05

Fashion Guru
2016-07-16 18:13

wow just wow. I love the screens and story. ESPECIALLY THE STORY. GOLD!
2016-07-22 10:44

2016-08-12 13:51

Grand Paladin Tyrux
The screenshots are incredibly well done, the story is very well written, I'm a huge fan of the lore, and all of it combined, fashion and screenshots and poses and story, really gives off the same feel of "Beautiful, lunatic and ruthlessly pious" that you described. Gold \[T]/
2016-12-10 0:52

look soo well
2019-05-08 18:52