Heart of the Spirit Woods (Gorseval Look)

By Elessar Taralom on July 13th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
50 7
3 0
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Since I awoke from my Dream, I wandered the Spirit Woods. I saw them how they used to be, wild and untamed, guarded only by forces as old as time. I knew my way around the River of Souls, how to hold little rituals that would calm their sorrow and ease their pain. I weeped for the ones fallen long before the bandits or the White Mantle ever took any interest into this place. This place was my home and my heart beats in the same rythm as the plants breath.
But now everything is corrupted. Where gentle silence used to reside, I can only hear the painful moan of the spirits now. The plants are twisting, corrupted by forces I can neither understand nor control.
I tried to calm it down, this entity that now resides here. The Multifarious it calls itself and it captured all those souls within itself, unable to be free from misery, attacking everything around it. It is similar to me in so many ways, wood and bark that is infused with life, but yet so different. I tried to confront it and to calm it down the best I could, but without any success. Gorseval only needed a few swift strikes to break my defenses. I can now hear that endless whispering inside of me too. I want to be part of this, I can be one with the spirits, too.
My soul will join their ranks.
We fight together.
And we will have our revenge.....

Hey guys,

Elessar here with another Sylvari look! Since the Tribal armour is finally obtainable again I simply needed to create an outfit with it. At the same time I finally gathered enough Magnetite Shards for a raid specific weapon and so I decided to craft a look around Gorseval. Sylvari was my obvious choice here, since I feel such a strong connection between the lore of Gorseval and the Sylvari.
So I tried to build my armour around a tribal vibe while also keeping the colours of the staff in mind. I wanted my character to look kind of possessed, with an empty stare to underline the fact that she is slowly being succumbed by Gorseval.
Keeping with the spirit theme I felt like the Spectral weapons made a good addition to the weapons.
While the armour mix itself might not be wholly unseen, I was hoping to infuse it with my own creativity by going with such a distinct theme that I didn´t really see so far. I actually had so much fun with it that I am thinking about making a Vale Guardian and Sabetha look as well!
So I really hope you enjoy my character and the story I crafted for her ^^

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Damn it's so awesome !

The screens are gorgeous, the armor is beautiful, the colors are splendid. One of the best elementalist sylvari I've seen ! Huge gold, just awesome !
2016-07-13 7:02

Naww :3 I always wanted that staff and do a look around it... I didn't get my hands on it yet, unfortunately. -.-^^ Of course you have done an excellent job in absolutely all matters... couldn't be done better, so that's a gold without a doubt. :)
2016-07-13 9:23

Amazing look!
The armor-comb is quite sylvariish, while still unique enough thanks to the tribal chest :D
The colours are beautiful and go very well with the gorseval theme!
What i absolutely love is that hair+face+mask! It really resembles gorsevals, but looks more innocent and nice.
The screens top it all off! You really made the best out of the spirit woods, it looks fantastic!
Gold! :)
2016-07-13 10:00

Fashion Guru
Blown away by what a complete character this is
The armour alone already looks compelling to say the least, but her skintone, face and hair just make this beyong perfect for me, in particular her white, soulless eyes
At first I thought using the Cinders in there was kinda weird, but looking at the staff you actually met the colours really well, so now I really like it
Your screen game was ON FLEEK this time again; with your last upload I found the posing a little boring, but you definitely redeemed yourself again
The title screen is just so incredibly beautiful, must be my favourite light Sylvari on this site
2016-07-13 11:43

Fashion Collector
Tribal chest + Trickster shoulder on female character is a very common combo that I´ve seen a lot, sometimes it comes mixed with parts of dry bones, primitive or even CoF pants (for this combo I prefer that bracken hair). Blue skin (my prefered) + Incarnate Mask + cultural armor were very well put together and surprisingly good. Good job.
2016-07-13 12:33

I really enjoy your screens :P
2016-07-14 0:35

Fashion Collector
too pretty for words :D :D gold. Love eeeeverything you did here. Really. And it's quite unique which I highly value
2016-07-14 4:43

Just beautiful. Gold!
2016-07-14 5:31

Fashion Collector
Possibly one of the best Sylvari I've seen on this site.
2016-07-14 8:41

Fashion Guru
this is amazing. i have no words, really. one of the best sylvari i ever seen. very nice job! :D
gold gold gold!!
2016-07-14 11:45

Awesome look! Original and so fitting. Gold!
2016-07-14 14:36

Fashion Guru
Gold ofc :)
2016-07-14 16:00

Fashion Guru
Such a mindblowing look! I loved her in the second I first saw this wonderful piece of art.
You did such a great job at basically everything. I will just start with the armour mix! What I like is that you used the tribal top here and even though it might look similar to a quite common armour mix (T3 bottom and T1 chest for example) I still don't get the vibe that it's plain or in any way boring! I love the combo quite a lot and I am happy that you used the cultural "boots".
The incarnate mask is just perfect it almost looks like it's merged together with her face and is actually a part of her. You really managed to work out this possesed- glance of her eyes it really gives me goosebumps everytime I look at her.
The colours are amazing, very spot on and very Gorseval..ish! In combo with her skin tone it's just a wonderful overall look! I am also happy that you decided not to take a hairstyle that actually look like hair!
I simply love your detail work, you really thought of everything starting from the weapons to the colours, small additions like the mask and of course a fitting presentation of your character. And speaking of presentation- those screens are just the bomb dot com! I simply adore very single shot here and I am glad that you managed to take a pic with Gorse himself.
Such a stunning character I thing this might be one of my all time favourite looks.
I wish I could give you like 90000 times gold!!
2016-07-14 18:16

Fashion Guru
Wow it's amazing
2016-07-15 9:58

Fashion Guru
A beautiful race-bender Gorseval look! Gold from me.
2016-07-15 12:38

Fashion Guru
Another amazing look and maybe one of my favorites from you !
Those blue tones look so beautiful and fitting to the Gorseval theme, and the mix is very refreshing with the tribal chest. I love how the little stones on the mask match with the stones on the chest. I think it's a very nice detail !
I think my favorite part of the look is the head area. Imo it's what makes the look so unique ! The eyes, the face, the mask, the hairstyle... It looks so cool !! She really has that ghostly face and look ! ^^
I won't talk about your screens cause they look always beautiful and fitting to the theme, but my favorite is the third in the second row ( this lightning *-*, the effect is so cool !!)
Oh and this staff... I'm so jealous ! ;P
Gooooooold ofc ^-^

2016-07-15 18:50

I love gorseval, so of course I love this look of yours.
The armor and the colors are so fitting and work perfect with the staff.
Your screens, they are stunning. She looks so beautiful in every single one of them, and the backgrounds and poses are amazing.
Also I really enjooy your story. All Sylvari should join gorse imo xD
So much GOLD!
2016-07-16 7:50

And some people are trying to tell me abouth human female meta... this character proves that sylvari are simply superior :D Gold from me as i love both the looks and the story :)
2016-07-24 9:48

Fashion Guru
Ooh, beautiful contrast with the top shot. Your character really pops out, and in perfect focus too! Very ominous.
2016-08-02 0:53

Grand Paladin Tyrux
This is amazing! I love to see characters linked to the raid wings, and this Gorseval-based Sylvari has an incredible look and an amazing story. You get a gold from me \[T]/
2016-12-10 0:45

Wonder Wabbit
-- Comment has been removed --
2016-12-30 20:02

dang, this is the one, along the best sylvari I ever saw inside the game
2017-05-15 10:31