By Sienia on July 12th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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20 3
0 0
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i didnt have any medium characters before so i decided to make engi. i got inspired by steampunk but i wouldn't call this 100% steampunk look. i gave my toon androgynous features and for the clothes i wanted to keep them simple and somewhat "realistic".
i didn't want to use any shoulder armour because i didn't have many skins unlocked plus i really like how the toon looks without it.


Fashion Guru
Amazing! Love the colors and the screens are so cool and beautiful. My fav is the first in the fourth row ! And the pistols are perfect !
I can see you have very nice tastes and a unique style, so I'm very curious to see more. Have my gold!
2016-07-12 18:20

Fashion Guru
These guns are sexy! Not sure I like the chest but the rest of the outfit is on point.
2016-07-12 19:12

Fashion Guru
i love those screenshots and your asura too!
Gold for me for sure :D Great Job!!
2016-07-12 20:15

Elessar Taralom
I just love the coat and with the few good medium armour pieces an Asura (imo at least) you made a very good choice here!
You crafted a really good outfit around your weapon, the natural colours work great and your screens are really top notch!
Especially her hair colour and the eyepatch stand out for me, gold ^^
2016-07-13 4:40

Cool character! Love her hair. Great colours and a real steampunk feel to it. Gold :)
2016-07-13 6:35

Very nice and subtle look with tasteful dyes!
Your screens are amazing! I love how she looks a bit insane on some pics where she smiles ... very cool!
It has a nice victorian touch all around, love it!
Gold! :D
2016-07-13 10:05

This is beautiful!
2016-07-13 13:23

Fashion Guru
Great dye work, nice screens, gold from me.
2016-07-14 16:02

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