Imperial Sweetheart

By Coraline on July 10th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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1 5
2 0
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This is my first post of one my toons looks. Her name is Menstrual Pains and the name started out as a joke character for a large male Norn. I then decided, I wanted a druid and changed this toons gender. I knew I wanted a red theme to go with her and for a while I just alternated between Black/Red and White/Red. Then these Moth Wings came out and I found they worked just lovely with the Carapace Coat. I think it's a sweet, yet vixen like look for a medium human female. The red aura from the Kaiser weapon is a nice touch as well.

Hope you enjoy it!


A red butterfly, cute. The most irritating part, aside from the funny name, are the sunglasses and the tail (?). The immersion of the dress with the wings is just beautiful.

The location with the flowers is ok, but my eyes hurt a bit due to the overstimulation. It is always nice to see designs which ignore the shoulder skin completely and let the chest-pieces do the whole appearance. Works not always, but here it looks great.
2016-07-10 12:47