Feolainn the Dragonhunter

By Feolainn on July 9th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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0 1
6 1
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My new look for Feolainn that uses Sylvari cultural tier 2 skinned over ascended armour and given a unique dyejob.


Fashion Guru
I quite like the colors! Yeah, sure, it's all T2 cultural armor; I won't say swapping the armor pieces is an absolute must, but don't be afraid of mixing in pieces from other sets if they work well. More screenshots would be nice, too!
2016-07-10 5:36

Yeah i'm considering mixing in some less plant like pieces here and there for a tech v nature look, i just need to find some shoulders and such that aren't too bulky for a dragonhunter to use with a bow :)
2016-07-10 10:46 in reply to Tetrama

Fashion Guru
Well i don't think she deserves a no medal lol but as tetrama said a little mix on the armor pieces like from TA and adding more screenshots can help a little
2016-07-10 11:00

It's still a work in progress so any helpful ideas are welcomed folks. @wipalm: i actually hadnt thought about running twilight harbour for pieces (not sure how i missed that idea) so i'll look into that next week, i'll post more screenies over the next few days also :)
2016-07-10 12:59 in reply to wipalmi032

Fashion Guru
Sounds good! And you should check TA pants I think it looks awesome :)
2016-07-10 21:48

Normally having armors of all of the same set can often be quite underwhelming to see, but the dye choices for the armor really make this stand out quite impressively. Well done!
2016-07-12 5:34

I absolutely love your dyes, so I maxed the vote for dyes, however i had low have a low vote on armor mix, for they are all the same and the description is rather short, but due to the amazing dyes, your originality is a bit higher too :)
2016-07-12 5:35