The Reaper's Diary

By Eremite on July 9th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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12 3
3 0
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Ever wondered what happens when life ends?

I no longer wonder. For he stood before me, clothed in a dark fabric that seemed darker than the night itself. A Grim Reaper...was the thought that flashed through my mind as I stared with my mouth agape.

"Edgar?" the Reaper asked in a silky voice as he flipped through the pages of a book with his deformed hands, glancing from the book to me and back again. I nodded, mouth still agape. Still staring. I had always imagined a Reaper's voice to be scary. Definitely not like his. "Well," the Reaper continued, "it says in my Diary that we are to have coffee at my place at this very hour. So come along. It will be fun," he drawled, his head dipping slightly closer to me.

The Reaper's face was in complete darkness, hidden by whatever mystical force all Reaper Hoods seemed to possess. Though I could not see his eyes, I swore he had winked at me as he slowly turned and led the way...


Hi folks! I was very very conflicted when the Reaper hood was introduced. I tried many designs with different races, genders, color, professions but was never really satisfied. I didn't want my Reaper to be like every other Reaper! But the problem was, when you put the Reaper Hood on, you look like every other Reaper =/

Still, I hope you like my version! I love especially the creepy feeling the chest piece gave the look.

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Think I have not seen a fire themed necromancer yet. And I barely see any players using primordus weapons. I always prefered them over the CoF ones, athough they are less fiery ^^.

The pictures look awesome, gonna add one or two to my wallpaper collection. I cannot see a good picture of him wearing his slippers, which makes me a little sad. Many characters are well designed from head to the knees, but on the selection of footwear you can see the true style of a person. Cannot really blame you for using the hood, dying it is a bit of a pain. That makes the immersion quite difficult. You did not use the black feather backpack, that is a plus for me.

Leaving the gloves empty, combined with the skin/texture of the sylvari, makes him really look awesome. Like he would really grab your life.

Looks nice ^^
2016-07-09 12:39

Even if your looks often imply black and very dark colors I really enjoy them.
I love the weapons, I love them, I'm wainting for an occasion to use them.
Screens are amazing, blablabla...
Awesome job, I love it ! Gold :D
2016-07-09 17:37

Thanks for the thoughts! I'll take note to include a full body screenshot! In fact, I'll go rummage through my screens and see if I can add one of them.
2016-07-09 19:56 in reply to Caine

I'll be looking forward to your design with the weapons! I'm sure it will be as gold as all your previous designs were =)
2016-07-09 19:57 in reply to Pattou

I added a full body shot, 4th row, 3rd pic =)
But its kind of dark though XD
2016-07-09 20:05 in reply to Caine

2016-07-09 23:17

Thanks for the comments =)

Also noted you are new, in case you didn't mean to give all of us bronze when voting, as seen in your profile, you gave 10 bronzes but most of the comments I saw you posting were positive.

You'll need to adjust the sliders on the ratings above the vote button to decide how many points you want to give the design for armor/dye/originality/screenshot/description before you press the vote button. the higher the sliders go, the better the rating.

Just pointing out in case you didn't mean to give 10 bronzes =)
2016-07-09 23:32 in reply to Feolainn

Fashion Guru
Love the screenshots
2016-07-10 11:17

thanks =)
2016-07-10 11:42 in reply to wipalmi032

I really like it ! It's a very cool and sinister dark look, but even if it's a dark look, it's not fully black, and I really appreciate it. This deep red looks so cool.
Also I love the screens, and with this hood the look has this cool mysterious vibe ! So have my gold^^
2016-07-10 13:22

Tyty =D
2016-07-10 18:29 in reply to Acethyle

One of the best dark looks I've seen so far!
I'm not a fan of the primordus weapons, I think there are better ones. But this is just a small criticism. ;) Gold for you!
2016-07-11 6:35

TY! ^^
Actually using primordus here wasn't my first choice.
I was actually thinking of Scythe or The Crossing but I didn't have the gold for them XD

Would you share the weapons that you had in mind?
2016-07-11 9:09 in reply to silvertree

Sure ;) As staff you could use bloody prince staff, deathwish, final rest, merciless staff, etched branch, shadow staff..., your right the crossing would be awesome ;)
as warhorn maybe etched harbinger or shadow warhorn.. the axe is just perfect. ;)
2016-07-13 3:25

thanks for sharing! =D
2016-07-15 21:25 in reply to silvertree

Fashion Guru
You weren't joking about the dark style, huh? :D

This is so awesome. The only thing that would make him look even more awesome would be the halloween scythe, as already mentioned in comments. I want it too and I don't have gold for it neither T-T

And the story in description.. now I see I really should try a little harder :D I just lack of imagination I guess.

And uncovered stomach looks badass!

Gold, of course :P
2016-10-25 11:17

Thank you for checking some of my previous works! This one here is in fact my proudest dark look. *proud*

about the story, I think its good to incorporate into your style too, doesn't have to be long or complicated, even single line description or story to give your character a 'real' existence is great! Not compulsory of course, but I just kind of like to write stories for my characters XD

I've given gold for simple one line description if it adds life and realism to the character!
2016-10-26 9:41 in reply to Katushka

Owhgosh this is so creepy! Very nice armor combinations and I really like how the Sylvari skin comes through and melts into the look!
2016-10-26 17:57

The sylvari skin was really by accident! I had no idea prior to this that they glowed in the dark and really gave my look a creepier bone vein look!
2016-10-27 21:36 in reply to Lorelilly

Also thank you for noticing the skin! It was my favorite part of the design along with the chest armor though i stumbled into it by accident XD
2016-10-27 21:39 in reply to Lorelilly

Damm this is absolutely great!
2017-08-17 14:30

Glad you liked it =)
2017-10-27 20:20 in reply to Guchu17