White Mantle Socceress

By Elenoob on July 7th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
17 9
1 1
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It's been a long time since my last update...and here is new look with new mask skin! This look is inspired by Xera's mask and Acethyle's White Mantle look. I use Ceremonial and Ebonblade weapon skin instead bc I inexperience in raid. Finding armor that match each other is quiet hard.Some chest really look good with mask but doesn't match leggings or great matched leggings look weird with the chest etc. So I have many armor comb for this look...may have v.2 ,v.3 ,v.4,... haha.

PS. - I still have no idea about lore for this toon tho...so more description later.
- Xera's Mask isn't available for specify armor


Fashion Collector
Ouch... why... *sigh*
2016-07-07 21:09

2016-07-07 21:37 in reply to Cambeleg

Could you please be more elaborate on what you dislike when you give such bad votes? (i assume the "no medal" is from you)

To the look:
I really like the look and the xera mask looks great here!
The boots should have more than just gold dyes imo, but it doesnt look too off. Also the white and red on the chest piece should be switched, but thats just minor stuff :)
Your screens are very cool even though its 90% LA ;D
I wouldve loved to see some from the 3rd raid-wing but i totally understand why you have none xD
Great choice of weapons too!
Gold from me.
2016-07-07 22:22 in reply to Cambeleg

Fashion Guru
Great armor combo. I agree with Hylek about the dyes on the chest piece. I also think on the shoulders, that the red should be gold, and the gold should be white. Nice screens, gold from me :)
2016-07-07 23:19

Fashion Collector
Ugh, it's not the first comment from this person I really react with a "ugh". It feels like it's just based on personal taste, nothing else. Can't even give an elaborate comment about it when giving such a low rating. Sigh, it's just my opinion.

Considering the look, it's definitely not my thing :P but that's purely my taste. I think you did a nice job with the dyes and mix of armor + weapons. The screenshots are nice too, not super out of the ordinary but they seem to be thought of, in different places next to nice elements, you played around with the positioning of the camera and have action shots too. Gold from me.
2016-07-07 23:58

Elessar Taralom
The overall concept of this is nice! I personally didnĀ“t like the mask at all when I first saw it, but looks like this convinced me that it can in fact look good!
The armour mix fits very well, not the most original mix I ever saw, but it definitely gives the mask room to shine
The screens are really nice, you found a good setting out of the raid wing
The only thing that could need some improvement are the dyes or at least their attibution to the dye slots as some things feel a little disconnected
Other than that I really like the upload though, gold ^^
2016-07-08 3:33

I find your take on the white mantle theme is pretty nice. The armor in combination with the mask works fine for me. Also the reapons you chose are a great alternative to the actual white mantle weapons
However, like Elessar also pointed out, I can't help but feel, that the armor pieces look a bit random to me, like they don't belong together. Probably changing some dyeslots could help make the armor look connected.
Screens are very nice.
Overall it's silver from me :)
2016-07-08 6:31

Fashion Collector
Sure, Hylek.

I don't like the combo mask-pants-chest. It makes the mask a bit out of place. I save the gloves and shoulders, but this isn't enough for me for liking the choice.

Except the GS, I don't like the choice of the other weapons. The 'half good choice' of gear would request finer weapons.

And yes, the no medal is mine. In opposition of others, I don't hide my votes. If I don't like a concept, I say it -my previous comment just attended to the hours when I saw this.
2016-07-08 9:36

Fashion Guru
Wow, and people say I vote harshly....this upload by no means deserves "No Medal" with all those poor uploads out here that only give one screen and two word descriptions
The concept is good and there was clearly a lot of effort put into the screens; apart from the colours feeling a little off here and there this is a really solid upload that is really not deserving of a no medal vote
Not everyone can afford all the White Mantle weapons and I found the Ceremonial Scepter exceedingly fitting!
Try mixing up the dyes a little and it is full gold on all sliders!
2016-07-08 11:16

Fashion Guru
I don't get why Cambeleg thinks that a "no medal" vote is justified even if the combo is not a favourite one- we all have different tastes I think it's impossible to please everyone here- there are still other aspects which shouldn't be ignored like your descriptions and the effort you took doing those screens and in comparison to some uploads that are not close as good as yours it's really unfair to give your look such a bad voting distribution.
My oppinion is obviously a different one- I actually like the overall look of your character and I think you created a very convincing White Mantle look! The mask is not my favourite to be honest but here it's authentic and it doesn't seem to be out of place, in fact it gives your character a very interesting touch, the rest of your armour combo is also well chosen and there is nothing to complain about the weaponchoices you made here. They are obviously matching the nice and beautiful dye scheme.
She looks very elegant imo and I see that you took some effort taking those beautiful screens. From me that's a solid gold!
2016-07-08 11:52

Wtf with this no medal ?!

I mean come on ! How can someone be so rude O_O... Damn there's a lot of pojnts to give a note. The screens are very good and the dyes too, we don't see that much White-Mantle look IG, it's at least a silver.

I didn't really like the top-leg combo here, but the rest is very good. It's a gold from me, very good use of the mask.
2016-07-08 12:06

Fashion Collector
It is so funny and ironic to see that it is the people who come up with the ugliest looks that tend to be so harsh and not considerate at all with the others (yes, you can dislike a look, but please with the minimal respect).

Now, my opinion about this look:
I really like it, even tho I would change the acolyte pants to something more "mecanical". I LOVED the mask to be honest, and how it fits with the rest because it reminded me of the Carnaval of Venice, wich is very colorful and beautiful.
There's a mysterious vibe about your look that makes it really attractive. The mask is crying while the colors are vibrant and warm, complemented by the backgrounds with the flowers as if it's springtime. And the horns go well with the skulls of the bladed vestments. Great work on the dyes aswell

It's clearly a gold from me. I honestly love the look, it isn't because I want to be nice.
2016-07-08 12:14

I personally like the dyes but I detest the armor combination.. those shoulderpads are so common nowadays and the mask imo is horrible (too big).
Weapons are fine and pictures are decent :)
2016-07-08 12:53

Very mysterious looking! I like it. Gold for me
2016-07-08 13:27

Thank you for a lot of suggestions! I understand that everyone have different tastes so I don't mind.I know it's meta but bladed chest and chrono epulets really match with the mask imo.Like I said I have many armor comb for this look but i think this is the best comb for me.If I have more time ,I'll upload others :)
2016-07-08 13:36

Fashion Guru
I don't understand why this so look is so controversial. I've seen worse looks, get more golds (from more renown stylists) without the comments being this extensive. I hope you don't mind me coming in late, but I'd like to add my two copper, even if most of what I say is repeating the others.

Your armor choice is good, but I do agree with the others (and yourself) in how divisive the top is compared to the bottom. Both pieces are ornate but in different ways. The top is remeniscent of a femme fatale theme--with its exposed skin and sharp adornments--while the bottom is more conservative in how much it conceals. A swap in the dyes of the chestpiece or perhaps a different chest/leg piece might better join both halves together. The Glorious top might fit the legs better or the Triumphant legs to the chest. (A combo I've been working on myself)

The helm's sharp design matches the shoulders and I can't help but agree with what Djehuuty said about its motif; "Carnival of Venice" and the dichotomy of "crying while the colors are vibrant and warm" indeed. However, I would echo what jesandsteven said and suggest changing the color on the shoulders--white where its currently gold, and gold where its currently red.

The gloves and boots are very nice touches. The gloves are fittingly ornate and long enough to cover the expanse of skin the Bladed top leaves exposed but not so long as to cover its details. I think the boots are the perfect mix of metallic and cloth. Although, I agree with Hylek in that they can be improved by adding another color to them.

With regards to weapons, I think Cambeleg is right in that with the exception of the greatsword, they aren't really fitting. The colors are close, yes, but the slight variation (dirty white warhorn and the rusted gold scepter) give them an air of being worn and old. I understand you couldn't go for the White Mantle weapons but I think the Ascended (Calcite/Zojja's), Sovereign, Lionguard, Mountaincall (for warhorn) and Whispers (for scepter) weapons could have served as good substitutes. But perhaps I'm just nitpicking too much.

My bar for screenshots and description are low. It's not a screenshot competition so I think a showing of the front/back/sides of your character along with each of their weapons/acesssories is enough for me. Nor is it a writing competition so I don't expect a backstory either. A quick explanation of why you chose the pieces you did and the general idea behind the style is sufficient. With that said though, the description you provided is satifactory and the screens you provided are well-done. My favorite has to be the second one. It makes you think of a quiet moment captured where this sorceress was relaxing in the garden.

Altogether, great screens, nice theme--and with a little tweaking--good choice of armor, weapons, and dyes.
2016-07-08 15:13

Agree with your comment. For weapons i chose ,they based on my wallet and good match with armor but not the best.One mistake I have made is too rush on weapons.
2016-07-08 15:16 in reply to Ursaring

I'm a bit late but I really wanted to comment!
I think it's a very cool white mantle look and I feel very honored that you were inspired by me.

Personally I really love the armor combo. The mask fits perfectly with the theme and the armor. The combo mask/shoulders/chest looks awesome and very cohesive! And your presentation is very nice too.
There are just minor points that could be improved I think, like reverse the dyes on the chest (The white don't make the gold stand out enough I think, so I would try red instead), and add some red and white on the boots. The weapons might not be the best choice, but they still look ok for me and I can understand why you chose them instead of white mantle ones (like me :P), or other more expensive ones!

I don't really understand why you got a no medal vote. I can understand the mask or the look is not everyone's taste, but the overall presentation and the look itself don't deserve a so low rating for sure!
So have my gold ! :)
2016-07-08 16:14

Fashion Guru
This looks so weird.... But I love it haha
2016-07-09 1:53

I try to change color for the chest but if I switch red white and white to red it will dominate overall and look too red. I'm not if it can call white mantle that way...may be I'm too picky :P But change the chest to other skin it better.
2016-07-09 10:14 in reply to Acethyle

I'm not sure*
2016-07-09 10:15 in reply to Acethyle