Nature's Unlikely Friend

By hellsqueen on July 3rd, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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5 6
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There are a lot of pressures being part of a noble descent, many expectations are placed upon you, especially of a young girl. This young girl in particular caused a lot of trouble for her family, such as stealing her grandfather's bow from the mantle above the fireplace in her home and using it to go hunting because she believed she could do it. The young girl practiced and whatever she caught, she learned to turn it into a meal for the young boy living alone in the street who would eventually become her friend. She learned a lot about surviving and understanding nature with her trusty hunting dog by her side. One day when she was returning home from a hunt, her hound became distressed and she followed him to where he was leading her, as she got closer she heard the screams of terror from the Shaemoor residents. This was the start of her future as a hero, with her bow in hand she took down a powerful dragon on death. Her trust creature companions she made on her adventures until her encounters with Mordremoth, taught her more about becoming one with nature and showing her the true magic that was inside her.

((I have updated the screenshots, hoping they are better than the ones I had previously and more like my recent mesmer screens, it is a lot harder to use druid abilities for screens because you actually need a target, but I tried my best and would really appreciate some feedback because my screens are the department in which I lack quality and need to heavily improve.))


Is realy gud
2016-07-03 10:29

I really love the story you wrote here! Good job on that!!!
For your screens: i do appreciate your progress! They are nice closeups and you captured quite nice poses. I would really really like to see some screens out of pvp though.
Going with your story, some screens around the hunters lodge in queensdale would be interesting i think.
The outfit itself is quite decent! I like the natural colours you chose and the overall appearence is appealing. Im still not a fan of the red hair-colour (some darker, more natural red would be prefered) ... but i do remember that it is your personal sign, so i wont argue on that ;D
Over all its a silver from me.
2016-07-03 11:09

Interesting story and a nice variety of dyes. Love the little sloth on her back :)
2016-07-03 14:58

I love your story, it's really beautiful and refreshing !
The screens are nice too, if you post more don't hesitate to send me a notification I'd love to see them !

About the armor, maybe you should change the pants and shoulders. Those two pieces don't fit imo because the pants looks too "clean" for a nature look and the shoulders just look bizarre with your coat (still imo).

The dyes are good tho. And I love the fact that the red hair are your personal sign, it really gives something personal to your look. Her face is so sweet and lovely, that's awesome.

I'm gonna give you a gold, because I really enjoyed your story and dyes, and also because her face is really beautiful :3
2016-07-03 16:34

Aww thank you guys, I am really glad I did manage to make some level of improvements. Of course I will work on updating screenshots on both my outfits so far, but I am glad that I am receiving such positive responses telling me to keep going and working things out, I really appreciate it :D
2016-07-06 22:21

I like it. Beautiful theme :)
2016-07-08 0:24

2016-07-14 1:28

^ I am not sure if I should reupload or not just so I can get fresh votes now that I have better screenshots :)
2016-07-14 1:29

I am not sure what your screenshots looked like before, but these are really lovely now. I love how it looks like she is an explorer that is not afraid to get dirty but she still wants to present herself in a beautiful manner that still associates her with some mannerisms of nobility.

The colouring is really beautiful and I love the way the scarf and the butterfly compliment her hair. I love the outfit combination too, it is feminine but without being too revealing or out of place as far as the screenshots show me.

Overall this is really fabulous and it is a gold from me! :)
2016-07-15 4:42

I think your screens are really good. Original armor and dye choices. Gold!
2016-07-16 7:12