The Demon Slayer

By Eremite on July 2nd, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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The man stood on a hilltop, looking down in horror at his village. His village was ablaze. Fire raged across the huts as far as his eyes could see as he stumbled down the hill.

"Rachel! Emma!", he shouted as he reached the village and raced towards his house along a narrow dirt road. Around him, screaming villagers ran along the streets in fear and confusion. "Rachel! Emma!", he shouted again as he spied his house in the distance. As he neared the house, a large hand grabbed him around the shoulders and wrestled him to the ground. "Let me go!" he roared, muscles bunching as he attempted to shake off his captor. "Stop! The fire's too big! You'll kill yourself!" his captor shouted. "Let...Me...Go!", the man roared once more, as he found strength he never knew he had, shaking off his larger captor, and crashed his shoulder through the door and into his burning house. His wife! His daughter!

"Emma! Rachel!", he cried in desperation. The fire had reached the roof as burning timbers fell around him. And then amidst the crashing and cackling of the flames, he heard a loud sobbing from down the hallway. "Emma!" he shouted as he ran towards the voice. Rounding the hallway and into their daughter's bedroom, his wife sat before him with her head down, a long heart-wrenching wail emitting from her throat. "Emma!" he shouted as he stooped and carried her into his arms before running back out of the burning house. "Where is Rachel?", he asked as he reached the safety of the streets. As she turned her head upwards and looked at him, he staggered and almost dropped her. Her eyes were weeping blood and glowed an infernal red. "Emma..." he gasped, "what happened?". "The demon took her...", she wept, "our Rachel! and...I've been marked by it...". "Emma..." the man was shaken.

"I will use this power it had given me...I will become stronger than it...and I will get our daughter back..." Emma whispered as she lifted her hand and caressed her husband's face softly, "I promise...".


Hi all! I redid my mesmer with different dyes and a better story/screens =)
I've never been good with dyes so this is another attempt at getting the dyes right for me.
Hope you like her!

This story is tied to the daughter's story in the link below.

Her original look here:

Their daughter here if you're interested:

I had planned to introduce the husband (Witch Hunter) first...but due to gold constrain, decided to write a story for the wife now and husband later =D I'll tie the story up with the husband when I get my hands on another character slot!

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2016-07-02 21:32

Fashion Collector
To hell.

Good dyes, gear and concept. Kinda drow with demonic soul. GJ!
2016-07-02 21:34

thanks! =D
2016-07-03 11:59 in reply to Cambeleg

Man everything fits together. The color scheme, the actual skin tone and hair, and especially the armor pieces. Although the shoulder piece is kinda...uhm...not fitting for the look. But that's just my opinion. And what really tickles my fancy are the screen shots! Awesome poses and choice of location!
2016-07-23 11:41

2016-07-24 11:21 in reply to donfrancisco